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What's It All About?

Forever Knight is a Columbia/TriStar television show that chronicles the story of a 13th-century vampire and his current life as a 20th-century police detective. In February, 1996, production of this show was discontinued after three seasons on the air.

As you may surmise from the title of this web page... the show's many fans are not happy about this state of affairs.

Currently, we fans are enjoying watching reruns of Forever Knight episodes on The Sci-Fi Channel, Monday - Thursday nights at 9 pm and 1am EST... and we are continuing to lobby Sony, TriStar and the other powers-that-be for more first-run Forever Knight.episodes and movies

For more information about how this all started, what we've done already and what we're doing now to keep the Knight alive, check out the links below...

How can I help save Forever Knight?
We're not giving up. Here's what we're doing now.

What's new on the Forever Knight front?
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Conventions, merchandise, the CD soundtrack and more

Who are you people, anyway?
SOSFK: how it started, what we've already done

What other Forever Knight resources are out there?
The Forever Knight community on the Internet

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