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Bedside Manners (Nick & Nat) My first posted fanfic, 52 Kb
After the Ashes (Nick & Nat) 8 Kb
A (Virtual) Christmas Story My Christmas Challenge 5 Kb
A Christmas Miracle (Nick & Nat) 37 Kb
All About Soul (Nick & Nat Song Challenge) 14 Kb
It's All Coming Back To Me Now (Adult, Nick & Nat Song Challenge) 213 Kb
Darkness Descends (Nick & Nat) 20 Kb
Desperate Measures (Nick & Nat) 248 Kb


A Special Treatment (Adult, Nick & Nat) 17 Kb
Getting To Know The Fans (Adult, LaCroix/female) 8 Kb
A Midsummer Knight's Dream (Adult, Nick & Nat) 42 Kb
Twas a Dark and Lonely Heart Night (Adult, Nat & Vachon) 46 Kb


Tight Spaces (Adult, Nick & Nat) 42 Kb
Magic Fingers (Adult, Nick & Nat) 46 Kb
A Magnificent Miracle of Modern Medicine (Adult, Nick & Nat) 35 Kb
Sofa, So Good (Adult, Nick & Nat) 22 Kb


What Happens When We're Not There (Adult, Nick & Nat) 19 Kb
Mortal Factor (Adult, Nick & Nat) 13 Kb
Forever, My Love (Adult, Nick & Nat) 5 Kb


Lust or Bust (Adult, LaCroix/female) 13 Kb
Cherished (Adult, LaCroix/Nat) 16 Kb


Desperate Measures Chapter One (Nick & Nat) Coming soon to NNPack and FKFIC-L!

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