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Notes, Disclaimers and Warnings:
This font was created in the style of the logo from the television show Forever Knight. For non-commercial use only. No profit may be made from usage or distribution of this font. Font may not be redistributed without prior written consent of the creator. Forever Knight is a property of Sony, and no infringement of any copyrights or trademarks is intended.
Note: Some TrueType fonts cause certain software programs to freeze up or crash. I installed and tested the Windows-format version of this font on my own computer (a 486/66 running Windows 3.11 and a Pentium MMX 200 running Windows 95) and had no difficulties; the Mac-format version has been installed and tested on a PowerMac 6100/66 using MacOS 8 with no problems. However, your mileage may vary; it is understood that the user utilizes this font at his/her own risk, and the creator cannot be held responsible for any unforeseen difficulties arising from the usage of this font.
If you like this font and use it to any extent, please donate something to the charity of your choice in the name of Forever Knight; or write a letter to Sony, USA Networks, or the Sci-Fi Channel urging them to support a continuation of Forever Knight in movie or series form. (It's not shareware. It's not freeware. It's guiltware. Deal with it.)

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Font translated to Macintosh format by Copper. Thanks!

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