White Knight Trapped in Darkness

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He was brought across in 1228. Vampire. He lived on blood, killing countless thousands through the centuries. Now he has repented of his former life and seeks to repay society for his many sins.

Vampire, detective, repentent killer; can he ever hope to become mortal again and live the rest of his days in peace? Can he ever forgive himself for the decision he made in the 13th century?
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This page is dedicated to Nicolas de Brabant, now known as Nick Knight. Working as a homicide detective in Toronto, Canada, he has enlisted the aid of the city coroner, Natalie Lambert, in his quest for lost humanity.

Pitted against this endless struggle with his darker side is his master and long-time mentor, Lucien LeCroix, who has refused in the past to let him pursue what LaCroix feels is a foolish waste of time. LaCroix is indeed one of Nick's crosses to bear on his eternal search.

Also sharing his doom as a vampire is the beautiful Janette du Charme, who lured him into the clutches of LaCroix and immortality in 1228. For the first two seasons, Janette is the owner and manager of the Raven, a hangout for vampires, and a place of safety for strays. The cast list is here, including all three years.

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About Nick Knight - Vampire Detective

Nick's partner during the first and second seasons of the show is Detective Don Schanke, a Polish-Italian with a receding hairline and a penchant for delivering comic relief. Nick often drops in at a night spot frequented by other vampires in the Toronto area, called The Raven. The owner and manager of this night club is the beautiful Janette du Charme, a French vampire who is credited with luring Nick to be initiated as a vampire by LaCroix in 1228. In more than one episode, Schanke is warned to stay out of Janette's club. Schanke, unaware that vampires truly exist, assumes that his partner is just hogging all the action.

Janette's character, played by Deborah DuChene, is a vampire sister to Nick. Janette was once a prostitute in France. She was rescued by LaCroix and brought across as a vampire when she was on the point of being killed by a client. She has always claimed to be perfectly happy as a vampire, finding it immensely preferable to her past life. She and Nick were once lovers, but she grew tired of their relationship and moved on.

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Series History

Forever Knight started as a CBS television pilot starring Rick Springfield in 1989. The made-for-TV movie was entitled Nick Knight. The hoped-for series died before it went any farther. In the wonderful irony of a vampire program, it was reborn in 1992 as Forever Knight, set in Toronto instead of Los Angeles. Only one actor remained from the original pilot--Detective Don Schanke, played by John Kapelos. Nick Knight was played by Welsh-born actor Geraint Wyn Davies (rhymes with "errant thin maybes"), who had just returned home to Stratford, Ontario from playing Hamlet in England. After a long break between first and second seasons, where none of the actors were sure it would survive, it was renewed for the second season. It survived two seasons in Toronto, then was sold to CBS for "Crime Time After Prime Time" in syndication. The third season was picked up with some of the original cast missing. The third season opener, Black Buddha, parts I and II, saw the end of Detective Donald Schanke and Captain Amanda Cohen to the dismay of many ardent viewers.

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In Black Buddha, Detective Tracy Vetter, daughter of Commissioner Vetter, becomes Nick's new partner. Captain Reese, Cohen's replacement, is targeted by the bomber who blew up the plane with Cohen and Schanke in it.

During the investigation, Tracy encounters Javier (pronounced "haveeur" for all you non-Spanish speakers) Vachon (pronounced "vashon"), a vampire who has been running for centuries from another vampire known simply as "The Aztec" who was made a vampire when Vachon was a Conquistador. Vachon had been on the flight that killed Schanke and the Captain, but had survived the bomb and crash, though he had returned to claim one of his hands, which had blown off. Tracy faints when he shows her. Vachon showers at her place, and discovers that she is a "resister," a mortal who cannot be hypnotized by a vampire in the normal way. Tracy and Vachon slowly develop a romantic relationship, though both realize it has no future, since any consummation would involve either Tracy's death, or her eventual transformation into a vampire.

Other new characters introduced during the third season include Screed and Urs, both friends of Vachon's.

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Screed is a former sailor, a Cockney vampire with a taste for rats rather than people, technically identified as a "carouche," a lesser breed of vampire. Normal vampires would look at him as less than a vampire, and avoid his company.

Urs used to sing in a saloon, but was rescued from an abusive relationship with one of her "customers." Vachon brought her across when she pleaded with him to kill her. Unfortunately, she did not want to be a vampire, rejecting Vachon once the deed was done. Vachon felt guilty about this. He had misunderstood her desire to die and had earnestly wanted to help her.

More about LaCroix: In his mortal years, LaCroix was a Roman general, known for his ruthlessness in battle. He lived in Pompeii, in his own villa, with a wife and daughter. When his teenage daughter nearly died, a healer from the east paid a visit and "healed" her. Divia, his daughter, had been healed of the fatal illness, only to become a vampire. As Vesuvius erupted, Divia offered her father the only way to survive. She brought LaCroix across as his villa was being buried by ash and lava.

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Without spoiling the ending, I will just say that there is a movement afoot among fans to try to rewrite the last episode of the series. Many are upset about the ending released as the finale, and there is a write-in campaign to revive the series with the original cast, if possible. Rumors of a possible movie have brought hope to many, but that, also, has been quelled, especially in the harsh light of aging actors.

There is a brave following of fans loyal to Geraint Wyn Davies who do not wish the possible future movie or rebirth of the series to continue without him as Nick Knight. On the other hand, better a recasting than an ultimate death. After all, the original pilot was Rick Springstein, not GWD. Listed among my links are sites for the purpose of a resurrection of Forever Knight. Please visit them, if you are a loyal, or even a semi-loyal fan. Also, there is a lively amount of fan fiction surrounding this show. I include some in my links, as well.

Please feel free to browse through my vampire pages. The characters listed in my poetry are from the vampire novel I have been working on. The poems are original works of mine. I am in the process of continuing a piece of fan fiction called 'A Return to Forever' begun by the Forever Knight Writers' Guild. It is at the Forever Knight Story Board. Read what I have and tell me what you think.
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Briefly, if you are going to lobby for anything, please, for the sake of us who are broke, and who don't start our days in the wee hours of the morning (7 am?), lobby for Forever Knight to be brought back to broadcast channels, and at a late night hour, not an early morning hour. Vampire detective at 7 am PST? How ridiculous!

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