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Geraint Wyn Davies
Geraint Wyn Davies was born in Swansea, Wales, on April 20, 1957. He and his family moved to Canada when he was 7 years old. He retains dual Welsh/Canadian citizenship, and currently lives in Santa Barbara, California, with his family. He is a very talented actor, whose first love is theater. He has played everything from Shakespeare's "Hamlet," to a vampire cop on the TV show "Forever Knight."

This picture was taken on the set of his current TV series, "Black Harbour," which is filmed in Nova Scotia, Canada. Currently, this show can only be seen in Canada and by those with big satellite dishes. There is a write-in campaign to get the show brought to a US cable network.
Ger as a Knight with Roses
This picture of Ger as a knight was composed using Adobe's Photoshop software. The body was taken from a picture on a virtual flowers page, and the head from the above photo.

Why a knight, you ask? Ger's character in the TV series "Forever Knight" was Nick Knight. When Nick was mortal, back before he was brought across in 1228, he was a knight in the Crusades.... This composite picture was a "must do" for the fans who put it together.
The Infamous "Nightshirt" Picture
This picture is taken from the series "Forever Knight," an episode called "Near Death" from the show's second season.

In this flashback scene, vampire cop Nick Knight is recalling how he became a vampire. He has been bitten by master vampire Lucien LaCroix, and now stands in the limbo between death and life. Here he must choose to walk into the light and die as a mortal, or return to "life" as a vampire. He chooses to return as a vampire, to his eternal regret.
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