We either change and grow, or we wither and die inside. And wouldn't that be eternal hell? - LaCroix


This is my small internet tribute to to the now cancelled TV show "Forever Knight". The show ran for a mere three seasons before cancellation, but it lives on in reruns and in the hearts and minds of fans all over the world. I saw my very first episode on Valentine's Day 1997 during the Sci-Fi Channel Forever Knight marathon.
Now I'm hooked. (You were right about this show Jan! Thanks!)

Since there are tons of great "Forever Knight" web pages out there (FK fans still number in the thousands on the web) I'll try not to rehash what everyone else has done. If you're a tried and true fan of the show, please let me know if you spot any glaring errors or major omissions.

Show Overview:

"Forever Knight" is about the 800 year old vampire, Nicholas de Brabant (now known as Nicholas Knight) who no longer wants to be a vampire (much to the chagrin of his "father"). He is currently working the night shift as a homocide detective for the Toronto Police Department trying to save mortal lives and atone for his sins of the past. Nick has spent most of his immortal life scouring the globe for a cure for his vampire "condition". Finally, he may have found someone who can help . . .

Major Characters:

Geraint Wyn Davies plays the 800 year old vampire, Nicholas Knight. Nick wants to be mortal again. This desire causes problems for Nick as he is pulled between possible mortality (and morality as he sees it) and the almost irresistable life of a vampire. Nick is permanently assigned to the night shift by claiming a severe allergy to sunlight. (I think spontaneous combustion would count as severe.)

To eat . . .

Or not to eat . . .

Who cares when you can
melt hearts with one look.

Visit my Nick and Natalie Page- Faith and Love

Lucien LaCroix, played by Nigel Bennett, is Nicholas' "father", tormentor, and best friend. Kind of an odd combination of titles but his various roles create wonderfully tense and sometimes touching moments between he and Nick. LaCroix brought Nick accross in 1228 and is not too thrilled that his favorite "son" no longer wants the gift he was given. LaCroix sees it as a personal slap in the face everytime Nick tries a new "cure".

Catherine Disher plays forensic pathologist, Natalie Lambert. She is the only mortal who knows what Nick really is. Nat is helping Nick find a cure while trying to let Nick know her true feelings for him. Nick has the same feelings for her but holds back his love because he thinks they can never truly have a relationship. (Come on Nick! You have to at least try!) There are many FK fans who hang on every word of a Nick and Nat scene. Of course, since Nat is trying to help Nick become mortal, she is not one of LaCroix's favorite people.

Deborah Duchene plays the beautiful and strong willed vampire, Janette Ducharme. She is Nick's "sister", confidante, and former lover. As the owner of the Raven nightclub, Janette is always avaliable to listen to Nick's troubles and often tries to lure Nick into embracing his dark side. She still loves Nick even though she is the one who left him after 96 years. Janette believes Nick would be much happier if he would just accept what he is. By helping LaCroix, she is helping to bring Nick closer to her.

Let's Not Forget The Rest . . .

Donald Schanke, played by the very talented John Kapelos, was Nick's partner for the first two seasons of Forever Knight. Schanke and Nick are complete opposites which gives the partnership an interesting twist. Schanke is all donuts and hockey games while Nick is cow's blood and piano concertos. While Schanke often questions his partners motives and thinks he is a little weird, he never learns the true nature of his partner's existence. In the episode "Close Call", Schanke finally puts all the pieces together but LaCroix is able to convince him he is only imagining things. Poor Schanke. So close to the action but never in the game.

As a side note, John Kapelos and I share a March 8th birthday.

Lisa Ryder plays the young and sometimes naive Tracy Vetter. Tracy is Nick's partner during the third season of the show. As the Police Commissioner's daughter, Tracy has risen quickly within the ranks (sometimes a little too quickly) and now finds herself a homocide detective on the nightshift. She looks up to Nick and is often frustrated by his distant behavior. Her innocence and drive to be "a good cop" gets her into trouble sometimes but Nick is always there to help her out of a jam even if she doesn't know it. Tracy also has a very special friend in Toronto . . .
Javier Vachon, played by Ben Bass, is a 500ish year old vampire and Tracy's "boyfriend". If Nick isn't saving Tracy from danger, Vachon is. The sticky part of their relationship is the fact that Tracy does not know Nick is a vampire. Vachon has to watch what he says and who he is seen with when Tracy is around. Javier was a Spanish Conquistador before being brought across. He seems to respect Nick and LaCroix because they are so much older than he is. Javier now lives in an abandoned church, which is an unusual domicile for a vampire, but with all the religious relics removed it serves the purpose.

Ursula (known as Urs to most) was brought across by Vachon in 1890. She was a troubled girl when she was mortal and now has even more angst than Nick. She had asked Vachon to kill her but instead she now has to deal with her troubled life for an eternity. We don't know much about Urs' past, but when we meet her at the beginning of the third season she is a dancer at the Raven nightclub.

Our Fearless Leaders . . .

The Forever Knight universe is a little rough on precint Captains. Each of the three seasons of the show had a different captain . When Nick and Schanke switched precincts between Season 1 and 2, Captain Cohen became their boss instead of Captain Stonetree. The 3rd season meant another change in leadership after Captain Cohen's untimely death. Joe Reese filed the position for the final season.

Joseph Stonetree

Amanda Cohen

Joe Reece

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