The Unnamed Poetry Page

An expanding collection of poetry exploring the relationship between
Nicholas Knight and Lucien Lacroix.
Submissions welcome...


Most Current Works...

As the Sun Climbs by Brephoenix (3/00)

Blood Moon Rising by Cliff Roberts  (4/00)

Driving Endlessly by Cliff Roberts  (3/00)

Flashback by Cliff Roberts  (4/00)

If~ by Silver Jade  (3/00)

ME by Illinois Jules  (1/01)

Not Her, But You by Stephni Warner  (4/00)

Unlikely Optimist by Cliff Roberts  (4/00)

Wanting by Cliff Roberts  (4/00)

Yes, Master by April Hackett  (3/00)

Haiku by assorted authors

Works from 1996...

Fuck That For a Game of Soldiers by Gehirn Karies  (1996)

When Warriors Love by Leslie GS  (7/96)

Works from 1997...

blood flows by Illinois Jules  (11/97)

Inside Out by Gehirn Karies  (Autumn '97)

Kiss by Michelle David  (Autumn '97)

Pray for ... Rain by Gehirn Karies  (Autumn '97)

Ruminations by Illinois Jules  (11/97)

Something in Return by Gehirn Karies  (Autumn '97)

Splintered Wood by Kelly Green  (Autumn '97)

Works from 1998...

Always There by Illinois Jules  (7/98)

as i lay dreaming by Megan Madonna  (4/98)

Blood by Selinthia Avenchesca  (12/98)

Bound by Illinois Jules  (1/98)

Chivalrous by Cousin Shelley  (12/98)

Denial Revoked by Megan Madonna  (3/98)

dreams & reality by Virginia Wilcox  (5/98)

Edge by Virginia Wilcox  (9/98)

First Knight by laudon  (8/98)

He Walks in Wonder by Marcia Tucker  (3/98)

Immortal Destiny 1/2 (a LaCroix POV) by Megan Madonna  (3/98)

Immortal Destiny 2/2 (a Nicholas POV) by Megan Madonna  (3/98)

Immortal Hearts by gail Andrea  (8/98)

Je Vous En Supplie! by Illinois Jules  (8/98)

Monologue To Celebrate Conversion by Virginia Wilcox  (8/98)

Nick & Lacroix by Sue Whitehorn  (6/98)

Nick's Musings by Megan Madonna  (3/98)

Nolition by Legend  (8/98)

Only By Love Are We Bound by gail Andrea  (8/98)

Our Way by Megan Madonna  (6/98)

relations by Megan Madonna  (3/98)

"Shadow Life" and "Light" by Edith Spencer  (8/98)

Short, but Sweet by Megan Madonna  (6/98)

Sonnet for Nicholas by laudon  (11/98)

Sweet Dreams, Lucien by Megan Madonna  (3/98)

Vampire Love by Virginia Wilcox  (8/98)

We by Illinois Jules  (12/98)

We Two, Eternally Bound by Megan Madonna  (3/98)

Why? by Sue Whitehorn  (8/98)

You by Edith Spencer  (9/98)

Your Blood by Margaret Turner  (7/98)

Works from 1999...

The Storm Challenge  (9/99)

Aurora by Nora Avalon  (3/99)

A Chapbook for Fathers' Day by Cliff Roberts  (6/99)

father by Cliff Roberts  (6/99)

Father by Jeannii  (2/99)

Father's Day by Brephoenix  (6/99)

Fears by Kadira  (7/99)

Fête Des Pères by laudon  (6/99)

For The Love of LaCroix by Illinois Jules  (4/99)

Forever Mine by Debi McK  (3/99)

Frater by Leslie GS  (6/99)

help me... by Kadira  (2/99)

I dream... by Leslie GS  (1/99)

Lacroix, A Tormented Soul Awaits You by Stacey Wright  (1/99)

More And More by Nora Avalon  (3/99)

My Son by Jeannii  (2/99)

Needs by Kadira  (2/99)

Only memories by Kadira  (7/99)

Playtime by Stacey Wright  (11/99)

Poem Thingee o' X-pla-nations by Libby Singleton  (4/99)

The Promise by Amethyst Jade  (3/99)

Punish such pleasure rewards so eternal by Stacey Wright  (1/99)

A Sonnet Series by Cousin Shelley  (3/99)

Truer Words by Cliff Roberts  (10/99)

The Unimagined by Nora Avalon  (1/99)

Whispers by Illinois Jules  (7/99)

Words Unspoken by Legend  (3/99)

Your Careful Deception by Nora Avalon  (1/99)

And some... Limericks. (Discretion is advised...)

Poems on the ballot for the 1999 Fan Fiction Awards:
 Frater  ~ by Leslie GS
 I dream...  ~ by Leslie GS

Poems appearing on the ballot for the 1998 Fovever Knight Fan Fiction Awards:
 Bound  ~ Illinois Jules (Adult Category)
 Chivalrous  ~ Cousin Shelley
 Edge  ~ Virginia Wilcox (Adult Category)
 Sonnet for Nicholas  ~ laudon
 You  ~ Edith Spencer

We also had works in the 1997 Forever Knight Fan Fiction Awards:
 Inside Out  ~ Gehirn Karies,
 Ruminations  ~ Illinois Jules
 Splintered Wood  ~ Kelly Green.
 (When Warriors Love by Leslie GS won the Historic Catagory in poetry.)

To contact the poetry archivist, e-mail Leslie GS.


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