Forever Knight: War 8

The Unnamed Faction

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The Unnamed Faction War 8 archives are maintained by Michelle David. Send all comments, corrections, chocolate, and copies of TTWDNH to her at

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The Forever Knight War 8 took place in June, 1997, over a span of two weeks, the 13th to the 27th. In all, over six megabytes of text was written by participants in the sporadically occurring event, a long and proud tradition of the lists.

The main plot of the war was that a Rift in the Space Time Continuum occured, stopping time completely on Friday the 13th, causing eternal night in Toronto. In addition, duplicates of Forever Knight characters have been appearing all over Toronto, compelled to return 'home', and being found by a player; each player in the war got one character each. In addition to the expected 'personal companions' that some conjured which catered to the player, extremely creative players made unusual characters; a penguin LaCroix and VachonFish, a country playing Vachon, romance novelist Nick, a psychotic vampire slayer Tracy, and more.

This archive is dedicated to chronicling the exploits of the Unnamed Faction, one of seventeen factions that participated. (The UFers that played in the war were known among themselves to differentiate from non-playing UFers as ULFers, which stands for Unnamed Liberation Faction.) In the war, while allowing their characters to have time to reconcile after the events of Last Knight (not addressed in War 7), the UFers embarked on an ambitious campgain to bring back Forever Knight by travelling to different faction headquarters and getting signatures to send to the powers that be. This campgain, which takes place in RL by devoted FK fans, is known as Kickstart the Knight.

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In seven parts, from the 13th to the 27th, here are the complete adventures of the UF (note: The summaries are only the main highlights):

In addition, a quote list has been complied to show the most inspired, or signifigant lines from the UF. Or, you can play with the drinking game, written by Michelle David, that works exclusively for the premise of War 8.

Obviously, the two factions that the UF is commonly associated with are the Knighties (followers of Nick) and the Cousins (followers of LaCroix).

Illinois Jules' episode slants.