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The show Forever Knight is my focus at the moment.

My photographic muse is cemetery statuary.

Vampires and gothic style are my passion.

City of the Dead

Enter here to walk among the graves or continue downward.

FK Logo

Not just pictures! Not simply an episode guide! The first of its kind on the 'Net!

Link to Images by Episode

Every episode of Forever Knight!!!
Hundreds of jpgs!!!!

Pictures of FK locations!

I've proudly been to four fan events:

A charity auction featuring Nigel Bennett, John Kapelos and
Natsuko Ohama (plus lots of other cool people like Chelsea
Quinn Yarbro and Pat Eldrod). Writers and directors, too.

Sydicon East
A convention mainly for Highlander, but Forever Knight
was well represented with Nigel Bennett, John Kapelos &
Natsuko Ohama. P. N. Elrod was there, as well.

A charity auction in Toronto covering La Femme Nikita,
Forever Knight and much more. Lots of stars and one-of-a-kind
series memorabilia.

Stars from Forever Knight, La Femme Nikita,
Kung Fu, Traders, Psi Factor and Earth: Final Conflict
entertain and auction your favorite show's props, etc.

Wanna see some pictures?

Link to Con Pics

My Favorite Pages

My Husband
Phaelan's Home Page
My husband's page. Stuff that he's interested in: punk, tattoos and SciFi/Fantasy tv. Check out his newest ink!
Find a Grave
Want to see what famous people's graves look like? Everyone from Lord Byron to John Candy.

A Seattle band that performs music of the British Isles and beyond. A cool group of people.
Lytha Link
Lytha Studios
Fine Celtic and Mystical jewelry and accessories. Online catalog.

Grim Rides
Cool hearses and the people that drive them..
My five cats hate you, too.
My Cat Hates You
A crazy site with a myriad of angry cats.*Hence the title*

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