She's the ultimate femme fatale...

...He's a demon in an Armani suit

Moonlight doesn't get much more serious than this.

The key Seducer's episode is, of course, A Fate Worse than Death. An episode synopsis can be found at the excellent First Unofficial Forever Knight Web Page.

Seducers FanFiction

By BstrdPig:

Cool Fires

By Vampwrtr:

Fire to Fire, In the Wee Small Hours, Of Tartan, Capes and Lipsticks, Dial M for Madness, Out of Tune, A Quiet Grief, A Moment's Illusion

By Molly Schneider:

Closing Time, Ever Blooms the Rose, Ice, Members of the Pride, Moondance, Moon-Mad, Moonshadow, Helpless

By Laudon:


By Dvorah Simon:


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