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Shadowstar's Story Index

Forever Knight. The story of an 800 year old vampire searching for his mortality, his humanity, forgiveness, and ultimately, for a way to move closer to his mortal love, Natalie Lambert. A lot of us Forever Knight fans'll take Nick and Nat together anyway we can get 'em--both mortal, both vampire, or something in between. I'm nominally a DarkNN, so I *like* the stories with Nat as a vampire, but even better are the ones in which she manages to become something in between after Last Knight.

For wars, I'm a Forever Knight Mercenary. I wrote most of the Merc posts for War 12, and ended up with an F-14 Tomcat, an airstrip, gold, and a lot of chocolate for my trouble. I made some great friends who are leaders of Nunkies Anonymous (Addicts), so now I'm an Addict by association. We're talking of having me on permanet retainer for them in War 13... whenever that will be. For the War 12 Archive, where you can find all the Merc parts, click here.

White Christmas, Dark Christmas Winner of the 2004 Yuletide Awards

Christmas Medley
An answer to Christy's challenge to use Christmas carols in a song, this one got a wee bit away from me.

Witching Hour
Could Halloween with Nick and Nat ever be normal?

All I Want For Christmas
Nick and Nat got to the precinct Halloween Party

Hunter's Moon
LaCroix goes hunting with some interesting results.

Hunting Weather
LaCroix goes hunting again in search of a unique flavor.

Hunter's Vengenance
LaCroix goes hunting in search of vengeance.

UST Has Left the Building Third Place Pretender fic awards 2004 Best Crossover
Take a writer who writes in multiple fandoms and give her sleep deprivation, and this is what you get.

Upwards a Downward Spiral (WIP)
My take on what happened after Last Knight

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