Forever Knight Dolls

Donated to the Third Annual Gereint Wyn Davies Fan Club Charity Auction

by Susan Garrett, the author of Intimations of Mortality, the second Forever Knight novel.

The Gereint Wyn Davies Fan Club has a yearly weekend where the membership can spend some time with Gereint Wyn Davies.

Every year, one of the events at the gathering is a charity auction. This year, Susan Garret decided to donate three dolls, dressed like the three main characters from the television series Forever Knight, which, of course, Ger starred in.

My name is Diane Echelbarger and I am, among other things, an amateur costumer. Susan asked me, as a favor, to dress the dolls for her.

I said yes, obviously. This page shows you the results.

They were sold at auction on September 20, 1997. For $575.00. I was stunned when I heard, frankly. Especially when Susan told me Ger bid $200.00 for them. (Ger liked the dolls! He liked them!) I've been told they were bought by a Barbie collector-- I'm quite flattered!

There's a Nick Knight doll, a Natalie Lambert doll, and, of course (since we're talking about Susan), a Janette DuCharme doll. I've photographed all the costumes (three each) I made for the dolls, and put them up on this page.

Janette DuCharme

This doll was originally a Pilgrim Barbie. (Believe it or not, dark-brown haired, blue-eyed Barbie dolls are extremely hard to come by.) However, once we got her out of the dowdy clothes and into more fashionable garments, she morphed withouth further assistance into a quite acceptable Janette. At least, we think so!

Janette comes with three outfits, a brush, several wine bottles, a stand, and a wooden storage box inscribed with her name.

At The Raven

Fate Worse Than Death modern costume. This dark red velvet dress has fitted sleeves and gold-and-velvet twined straps. Janette's hair is confined by a matching velvet headband and she wears black pumps.

Le Premiere Revanche...

Fate Worse Than Death flashback costume. Janette's finely pleated chemise is reminiscent of the one she wore in Dance By The Light Of The Moon. The coarse dress is decorated with a heavy, elaborate necklace of pewter plaques, and the simple black cloak, worn with hood down or up, fastens with a pewter brooch.

Bon Soir

Since we have never seen Janette in sleepwear, I had to make this one up. The clingy, wine-colored gown has a deeply cut back and satin shoulder straps, and is accented by an inset of lace, providing an enticing hint of the creamy skin beneath. The matching penoir is a filmy, full-sleeved concoction. It's not much protection against the cold, but when you're a 1000 year old vampire, you don't worry about things like that.

Nick Knight

This doll started life as the transformed Prince from Beauty and the Beast. (Believe it or not, blond, blue-eyed Ken dolls are pretty rare. Almost as rare as brown, blue-eyed Barbies!) He needed a haircut-- his hair was originally longer than Natalie's-- but with that and a change of costume, we think he makes a pretty cool Nick, especially for those flashback scenes!

Nick comes with three outfits, a cellular phone, a stand, and a nifty wooden storage box with his name engraved on it.

On Duty

As seen in Dark Knight and other first-season episodes. For work, Homicide Detective Nick Knight wears a brown leather jacket, tieless black oxford cloth shirt, and cocoa-colored slacks with black shoes. This street-smart, casual look serves him well whether he's cruising the city in his vintage Caddy, dropping by the Raven, or questioning suspects at a crime scene. Note the authentic Metro Toronto Police emblem on the jacket (bought from the Metropolitan Toronto Police Museum in Toronto last spring) and the ultra-cool sunglasses.

First Night

Dark Knight flashback costume. This combination was practical for a crusader returning from the Holy Land in 1228. The hosen and chemise are basic male undergarments for the period, and the rough tunic obviously took a lot of wear during Nick's time in the Holy Land, as has the real leather belt. The chemise is also very reminiscent of the one Nick wore in a flashback from Dance By The Light Of The Moon.

Sweet Dreams, Nick

From numerous first-season episodes. These black satin pajamas are cool, stylish and comfortable. Just the thing for sleeping away those long summer days in the loft. And if Nick happens to have a daymare, they won't show stains from the blood-sweat, either.

For those of you who worry about such things, all leather used in these costumes was scavenged from leather garments made (at a guess) in the late '60s and early '70s.

Natalie Lambert

This doll was a "generic" Fashion Doll I found at a major department store. Originally, I was just trying to find a generic Barbie-shaped doll to fit the costumes on. Then, half-way to the checkout I realized she had Natalie's hair... and the face was about the right shape... and the eyes were close... and the rest is history.

Natalie comes with three outfits (some parts of Natalie's costumes are purchased, not handmade; see notes below), a brush, a popcorn bowl, a cup with her name on it, a video tape, and a black doctor's bag. Also a stand and a wooden storage box inscribed with her name.

Working Clothes

No picture is available because the

film lab cut the negative badly.

Seen in many episodes in all three seasons. Nat's scrubs (purchased) are perfect for finding that vital clue on the corpse that will help our favorite vampire detective crack his case. They come with a color-coordinated scrunchie and black tennis shoes.

Professional Detachment

The Fix business suit. This crisp blue suit is perfect for investigating a police detective's suicide, or tooling around town with Nick in the Caddy. There is a white, scoop-necked t-shirt under it (purchased).

Video Night

False Witness sleeper t-shirt. This comfy, roomy shirt (it will have a decoration on the front by auction time) is perfect for lounging on the couch watching old movies. Nat's ready for a relaxing evening at the loft with Nick in this outfit.

Rosemary, the president of the Gereint Wyn Davies Fan Club, gave me permission to put this webpage up. Any questions about the Weekend With Ger or the Charity Auction should go to her.

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