Toronto Trek FK Mini-Con

A con report on the Forever Knight mini-con at Toronto Trek in August, 1996.


The written con report is in three parts, for your reading enjoyment:


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Practically the first thing we did at Toronto Trek was go to Klingon Karaoke in the bar.

There were Klingons singing all sorts of tunes.

There were scantily clad Klingons on roller blades.

There were whole groups of Klingons singing "Yellow Submarine."

Most importantly, there were Klingons and Star Fleet captains dancing the Macarena!!!

On Saturday, we found evidence that Quinn and her specially-wrapped Hershey's chocolates had made a mark on the production crew of Forever Knight.

Catherine Taylor, Forever Knight crew member (in charge of scene continuity), shows off a Forever Knight bathrobe which was one of the many crew gifts. I think she blamed this one on GWD's sense of humor!

We met Greg Kramer (Screed), shown here when he first saw that "troublemaker" in the front row.

Greg talked about Screed's interesting lingo and taste for rats, as well as about his own acting experience and his book, "The Pursemonger of Fugu." He also explained a bit about the tattoo on his arm.

Bedard and Lalonde were a hoot, but unfortunately we didn't get a shot of the time Bedard almost made Lalonde spew water out his nose.

Kathryn Long (Divia) was delightful and seemed to have a lot of fun the whole weekend.

Sandi Ross (Grace) had a terrific, expressive style that was great fun.

Sandi was pretty shocked when she found out that her character's last name was "Balthuzar"!

Bobbie Williams and Gail Zaccari ham it up in the hallways between panels on Saturday.

During part of the Toronto Trek charity auction, Jerry Doyle of Babylon 5 was the auctioneer. They had replaced him by the time the Forever Knight items came up.

Michelle got a cool spear from "Ashes to Ashes."

Lisa Hobbs got the flatliner machine from "Near Death."

Hilary Doda is borrowing the harp Allie was very lucky to get at the auction.

Kathryn Long surprised Nigel at the Guest of Honor party, and here it looks like the two of them have very similar body language -- a leftover from the father/daughter roles they had together on FK?

On Sunday, Nigel Bennett did the party thang and came around to each table afterwards for autographs and photos.

Allie thought a Nerf Bat might not be adequate protection from some of the vampires at the convention, so she borrowed Michelle's wooden spear.

A final, close-up shot of the HARP!!!

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Created: 8/16/96
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