Bedard and Lalonde!

This page is dedicated to the comedic and dramatic talent of a pair of Canadian writers/producers, Phil Bedard and Larry Lalonde. Or is that Larry Lalonde and Phil Bedard? Whatever order their names are in, putting the two of them together spells "terrific"!

Current projects:

Goldenplaids! What is a Goldenplaid? Also known as a "blooper script," Larry and Phil wrote these spoofs of the final episodes of Forever Knight and John Woo's Once a Thief as a joke for the cast and crew of each show. Read more about them and see how you can obtain a copy and support a great cause at the same time by going to the Goldenplaid Page!

Also look at the Goldenplaid Page to see how you can obtain a copy of the script for "Endgame," the final episode of John Woo's Once a Thief.

Be sure to read this bio, as well as their resume. You'll find some unorthodox entries!

Read this fascinating article about Phil and Larry from Playback Magazine, January 1996. At that point they were writers and supervising producers on Forever Knight. The article provides some great insight into the process of writing and production and how things differ between the U.S. and Canada.

Highlights from their past work:

What Larry and Phil don't mention in their resume or bio is that each of them has appeared at least briefly as an actor on television as well. Here you'll see a few screen captures from Phil's appearance in Dracula: The Series as a "Hot and Steamy" schnitzel delivery man.


You can read Gail and Allie's Toronto Trek Con Report, which includes a description of Larry & Phil's panel at the Forever Knight Mini-Con!

Links for Bedard & Lalonde shows:

More to come! E-mail any questions, comments, or items for inclusion on this web page to Allie.

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