Our Dark Lady of Forever Knight

Welcome to my homepage, devoted to Janette DuCharme, my favorite character on Forever Knight. Forever Knight is a T.V. show that presents the adventures of Nick Knight, an 800 year old vampire who doesn't want to be a vampire. Nick works as a homicide detective in Toronto while searching for a way to become mortal. Janette is Nick's once and hopefully future lover and the owner of The Raven, a popular vampire gathering place.

Janette was an integral part of Forever Knight for the first two seasons, but at the start of the third season she disappeared to parts unknown. After several months of protest, fans were happy to learn that Janette would return in Episode 16, "Human Factor." We were still celebrating this piece of happy news when word was recieved that the show was in trouble and less than a week later we found out that it was about to be cancelled. If you care about Forever Knight and want to know what you can do to help save it, check out Jamie Melody Randell's Save Forever Knight page here.

If you would like to find out more about Janette, check these links. This page is brand new so I may not have all of the links active yet. Check back later if one doesn't work.

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