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The Geraint Wyn Davies Fan Club

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Fan Club Guest Register (1997-99)
Messages left on the fan club's GeoBook by visitors to the website.  Links to the archived messages are at the bottom of the page.  (Please note that it is no longer possible to leave new messages.)

Weekend with Ger #4
Photographs marking the occasion of the fourth Gerthering.  (Pages created 4 April 1999.)
              Auction   |     "Easter ears"

Interview with Geraint Wyn Davies
Interview conducted by Jenny Higgons for Playgirl Magazine, November 1995.

Christmas message
NOTE:   Please hold on the page to get the full message, since it takes a while.

Ger's Birthday Book Drive
The 1998 charity drive to collect books, videotapes, and art materials suitable for children in selected recipient hospitals.

Ad for Bar Talk
CD of music composed and performed by Geraint Wyn Davies.  (This used to be available through the fan club.)