by Vickey Brickle-Macky

Forever Is A Long, Long Time   (adult)

An End of First Season Novel with 1st season cast

24b.jpg   Forever Chapters 1-5

ncrawl.gif  Forever Chapters 6-10 
09b.jpg   Forever Chapters 11-15

nlj1.jpg   Forever Chapters 16-20

nj51.jpg  Forever Chapters 21-25

natphone.gif   Forever Chapters 26-30

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There will be more stories added here. I have to do some editing before they're ready for viewing. I am currently working on a sort of Virtual Fourth Season Story-- Ancient Curses which follows after Epsodes 13 & 14 after Vachon returns from the dead and Nat cures him. In this story I'm intoducing a really ancient vampire, Lilith, who has been out of cirulation for about 4,000 years and has to ajust to the almost 21st century--the hard way. I know V4 is generally PG13, so I will be posting my story here as it's already gotten steamier than what late night TV would have allowed.

Ancient Curses Part 1

Ancient Curses Part 2

Ancient Curses Part 3

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A Red, Red Rain Is Falling Down
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