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A Salute to the Actor and to His Creation!

About LaCroix:
Perpetually clad in black and swathed in blue, green, and red light; LaCroix was breathtaking. He was not only like a Grecian Chorus reflecting on Nicholas' life and choices, he was also the foil to Nick's dream of a mortal existence.
About Nigel Bennett:
Nigel has an extensive collection of Dream Catchers and is interested in Native American Beliefs and Customs.

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Dreams and Conversations of Nigel Bennett and LaCroix!!!

Some Outstanding LaCroix Quotes:

Siegrid and Roy!
Here are just a few episodes which truly epitomize
LaCroix and Nicholas' Special Relationship!
  • Night in Question
  • Ashes to Ashes
  • Sons of Belial
  • Father's Day
  • Fever
  • The Fix
After viewing these episodes, one soon realizes that LaCroix and Nicholas are the Siegfried and Roy of Vampiredom!

Would you like to find out more about LaCroix and Nicholas'
....Special Relationship?
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What does Nigel Bennett as LaCroix have in common with such dignitaries as Mr. T, David Hasselhof, and David Copperfield?

His very own "...Ate My Balls" page!!!!

LaCroix is hungry!!
Yes! I want to see Nigel as LaCroix eat a famous celebrity's Balls!!!

Dreams and Conversations of Nigel and LaCroix
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