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This is an Adults Only Page - Over 18 Only!!!

Welcome to Nick & Natalie's Bad Girls Homepage, where fantasy direct from the EFnet, IRC channel is brought to you each morning. *G* (Ok, well it used to be. After War 8 we kinda slowed down. It's more like molasses in February now. *G*)

Within you will find stories from the minds of those whose coloring books have no lines, proving once again for Nick and Nat *anywhere* and *anytime* is a good place to make love. �These Nick and Natalie stories may be romantic, funny, obscene, passionate, dark/vampiric, or include any of the cast of characters from Forever Knight.

The listings below do not differentiate genre's. If you have a weak stomach, FLEE�NOW!!! We do not apologize for any of our offerings. Flames will be discarded without thought....after all, we warned ya!!!

All of the characters portrayed in these stories belong to James Parriott and Sony/Tri-Star, but since they put 'em in mothballs, they've been rather constrained. We took them out for a good airing.


Stories written in May:

CERK on the Air: Nick & Nat and a little bedtime story.
Caving: Nick & Nat and what happens in confined spaces.

Stories written in June:
Rocky Mountain High: Nick & Nat and the splendure of the rockies. Guest appearance by Don and Myra Schanke.

Stories that were ACTUALLY written after War 8! *G*
Urges Unresolved: From "Dead Air". Ever wonder what that scene was all about with Nick lying on the floor? We can GUARANTEE you *won't* see this scene on either the USA or Canadian versions. *smirk*
You Call *THAT* A Costume? Nick and Nat have fun with costumes.
Reluctant Knight Nat decides it's about time to take the upper hand. *G*