FKFIC War 10

August 13 - 27, 1999


As always, the NatPack will be participating in the upcoming FKFIC War.

This time around, NatPack co-leaders are Jill Kirby and Debra Ann Fiorini.


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Here in alphabetical order are the NatPackers who will be paticipating in FK War 10. Permission slips are below.

Meg Anderson

Tina Cooling

Janet Dornhoff

Debra Ann Fiorini

Judy Freudenthal

Jennie Hayes

Lady Angst

Jill Kirby

Kimberly Low

James Marshall

Valerie Meachum

Meredith Pickering

Linda Rose Pierce


Lynn Stapleton

Dawn Steele

Betsy Vera

Melissa White

Maureen Wynn


NatPack Permission slips:


I, Jill Kirby, give permission for my name and likeness to be used, abused,

spindled, folded, mutilated and otherwise humiliated in War 10. :)

I, Kimberley Low, fully conscious of the fact that I'm about to flee the

country, hereby agree to allow my person to be used in the furthering

of NatPackerly pursuits, or just plain fun.

I, Betsy Vera, give permission to be used in FKFIC War 10.


I, Valerie Meachum, being of a mind to run screaming for the hills if

anyone suggests I actually write anything, nonetheless give permission for

my name, likeness, and alarming personal quirks to be used and abused in

FKFIC War 10.

Okay, my sanity has packed up the self preservation instinct

and common sense and is filing for custody and the toaster for

a divorce settlement. I, Lady Angst, give my permission to be

used in FKWar 10. However, it doesn't include my sanity.

I, J. Lynn Stapleton, commit my insanity, to participate in War 10, to use

and be used by my fellow NatPackers in their insanity, and to torment to

no avail other factions and still have fun.

I, Meredith Pickering, being easily amused and often bouncy, hereby give my

permission, for what's that's worth, for my name, likeness, character traits,

etc. to be used in fiction and non-fiction events related to FK War#10, if

anyone actually chooses to do so. ) 


I, Tina Cooling, do hereby give permission for myself to be used (and

hopefully not abused *too* much, unless it's by the aforementioned Mitch)

in FKFIC-L's War 10.


I, Debra Ann Fiorini, will hereby be participating in FK War #10 on FKFIC and

will be participating as NatPack co-leader for this war, and I give permission to

others to portray me as a character in this war.


I, Linda Rose Pierce, sanity having been drained by two jobs and two

kindergardeners, hereby agree to allow myself to be used, abused,

folded, spindled, mutilated, and drive the pack around w/o my glasses

agian in the FK War 10.


I, Judith Freudenthal, being of rather sound mind and body, give permission

for the use and abuse of myself during the FK War 10.


I, Jennie Hayes, having never actually gained any quantifiable sense of

self preservation, hereby agree to allow myself to be used, abused, folded,

spindled, mutilated, numbered and drenched in something fun in the FK War


I, Meg Anderson, do hereby allow myself to be used in the Forever Knight War #10.


I, James Marshall, hereby permit myself, my name and my image

to be used in the FK War 10.


I, Robyn (aka Nymue) of the NatPack, do hereby give permission for my persona

to be abused, caffeinated, tortured, kidnapped, and used in various other

activities, including studying, swooning, bouncing and spellcasting, in the

FKFIC War 10.

I, Melissa White, express my intention to participate in War #10. I

also give others permission to use me in anyway, form , or fashion to

advance our cause.

I, Janet Dornhoff, for once having free time during a War interrupted only by

sporadic trips for job interviews, hereby give my permission to the members of

FKFIC-L and FORKNI-L to fold, spindle, and mutilate a reasonable facsimile of

me for the upcoming War 10, provided they realize that I reserve the right to

fold, spindle, and mutilate them right back and ten times worse! ;-)


I reserve the right to enter at least four FoSsiLs into the fray, including

Lois and Clark and the ghosts of Margay and Sylvastrus, depending on whether

they decide to jump up and help me type. Although I have tried to raise them

up right, I am not responsible for their loyalties or actions.



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