The NatPack's Contribution to

Forever Knight War XI

July 5-19, 2001


All of the stories listed below were either:

written by or written about

the NatPack.

Premise: All of the FK characters have started body switches (i.e. one character's mind goes into another character's body and vice versa) and all factions have - attempted - to come to the rescue. 

July 5:

NP: We Have Arrived 1/1

NP: Houston, the NatPack has a Problem 1/1

K: Two Ships Passing in the Knight 1/1

NP: A Time to Dye, Part I 1/3

NA: Ted and the Troublesome Tickets 1/1

NP: A Time to Dye, Part II 2/3

NA/NP: To Dye by Misadventure 1/1

NP: A Time to Dye, Part III 3/3

July 6:

Merc/RP/NA/NP: For a Limited Time Only 1/2

Merc/RP/NA/NP: For a Limited Time Only 2/2

K: Worries Upon Worries 1/1

NP: Prepare to Part-ay! 1/1

NA: To Serve and Protect - NOT 1/3

NA: To Serve and Protect - NOT 2/3

NA: To Serve and Protect - NOT 3/3

K: Clothes Call 1/1

K: Bring on the Knight Life 1/1

K: Knightie War Council 1/1

July 7:

NP: Almost Home at Last 1/2

July 8:

NP/Knightie: Almost Home at Last 2/2

N&NP: Adventures in Computing 1/1

NA: Saturday Night Fever 1/1

K: Quiet Knighties of Quiet Stars 1/1

NP: The NatPack has a Night Off 1/1

July 9:

NP: Attack of the Flying Purple People-Dyer 1/1

July 10:

NA/NP: Revenge of the Nunketeers 1/1

NA/NP: Signs and Wanders 1/1

NA: Dear Diary 1/1

N&NP: Is There a Beautician in the House? 1/1

July 11:

NA/NP: When Tempras Flare 1/1

NA/NP: Paper Training at the NatPack 1/1

NP: Running in Circles 1/1

NP: Of Cats & Territory (1/1)

NP: A Sticky Situation 1/1

July 12:

No NatPack or NP-related posts

July 13:

NP: To Whisker, Or Not To Whisker . . . There Was A Question? 1/1

RP: Screed's Whirli-Gig Adventure 1/1

July 14:

RP: Screed Coos Again 1/1

N&NP: Grace Under Pressure 1/1

NP: A Night on the Town in the Knightmobile 1/1

RP: A Very Natty Saturday Night 1/1

K: Revenge is a Dish Best Served with Cookies (1/2)

July 15:

K: Revenge is a Dish Best Served with Cookies (2/2)

NP: Mmmm, Cookies! 1/1

Merc/NA: Calling a Plumber Won’t Help this Time… 1/1

RP: The Space Between 1/2

July 16:

RP: The Space Between 2/2

RP: Jell-O: The *Other* Primordial Ooze 1/1

July 17:

NP: All We Need to Know 1/1

WM: We Are Family 1/1

RP: When Ice Cream Flies In The Face Of Adversity 1/1

July 18:

N&NP: Dissemination of Misinformation? (1/1)

N&NP: The Only Thing Missing (1/2)

N&NP: The Only Thing Missing (2/2)

July 19:

N&NP: Smells Like Honey 1/1

NP: I Want To Wash This Dye Right Out of My Hair 1/1

NP: Au Revoir - or - This Gets the NatPack Home Again 1/1


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