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9 1/2 Hours - by Soulseeker
24 Hours - by Heather Markle
101 Reasons to Take a Bath - by SisWckdnes
A Comet Tale - by Jeri E. Friedman
A Cookie Caper - by Nightlady
A Friend Indeed - by Sister Delight, D.S.S. (aka Nightlady)
A Knight of Wine and Roses - by Jeri E. Friedman
A Lesson Learned - by Heather L. Markle
Advantages of Amnesia - by Liz Muller and Pat Witham
All in Love Is Fair - by Kathy Whelton
April Showers - by Mother Superior Convent of The DSS
Arrested - by Heather, LizM, and Catspaw
Attention to Detail - by Mother Superior/Sister Dementia
Birthdays - by Nightlady
Blizzard - by Nightlady
Cabin Fever - by Eric McCann, Liz Muller, Pat, NiteRose and Mickey_K
Cats, Cops And Caddies - by Heather Markle, Liz Muller & Pat Witham
Caught in the Act - by Jeri E. Friedman
Christmas Day Knight - by Jeri E. Friedman
Country Living - by Eric McCann
Didacts And Narpets - by Dave Galloway
Don't Leave Home Without It - by Pam (Jaxie) Williamson
Dr. Lambert & Ms. Hyde - by Pam (Jaxie) Williamson
Dread Natalie, Pirate Queen - by Heather LM, LizM and Catspaw
Every Time I Fall Back - by Jody
For Michel - by Heather L Markle
Forever, My Love - by Mel Moser
Forum - by Heather L. Markle
Fun With Nick and Nat - by Convent of The Decadent Sin Sisters
Hot Fudge Sundae - by Nightlady
I Want You Now - by LizM
Laundromat Lark - by Nightlady
Lust For The Truth - by Jeri E. Friedman
Magic Fingers - by Mel Moser
Methods of Relaxation - by catspaw, LizM
Monk Nick? - by Lisa a.k.a KnightOwl
My First Erotica - by Heather L Markle
Nashville Knights - by Vickie Sykes and Nancy Taylor
Never Enough - by StormyNite
Only With the Heart - by Jeri E. Friedman
Private Passion (Sequel to Private Parts) - by Pam (Jaxie) Williamson
Rosebud 6: The Fantasy - by Soulseeker
Sex and the Single Vampire - by Nancy Taylor
The Drive-In - by HBKat, Jaxie, KaraKnt, LizM, PatWitham
The Horseback Ride - by catspaw, Jaxie, LizM
The Last Tango - by C.T. Brennan
The Neverending Smut Story - by Various Authors   (NOTE: not available)
The Passions of Painting - by Lisa a.k.a KnightOwl
The Promise - by Joanne Cohen (Whitelight)
Thunderstorm - by Heather L Markle & Chris Rosmini
Tight Spaces - by Mel Moser
Tintinabulation - by E. McCann
To Every Thing, There is a Season - by Nightlady
Together - by Nightlady
Truly, Madly, Deeply - by SisWckdnes
Waterbeds and Stairwells and Blackouts... - by Mother Superior

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