I first got addicted to Anne Rice in 1995. Before that, I was terrified of
vampires and would never have contemplated watching a vapire tv show.
Then, I was watching the Sci-Fi Channel and saw an add for FK and decided
to watch. That was around New Year's Eve or Day 1997. I was lucky, the
first time I watched was the day they aired Dark Knight part one. I have
been addicted ever since.
I got in to FK when it first aired on CBS's Crime Time After Prime Time. I
watched it from the beginning. I thought it was cool to watch the idea of a
vampire who was a cop wanted to be mortal again. Dark Knight was great pilot
and drew me in right away.
Bear:) :
I found Forever Knight while in the hospital after open heart surgery. I was
about a week into recovery, suffering from a bout of insomnia(and unable to
take a sleeping aid). I flicked on the televison(I was at the mayo-clinic
which has private rooms for heart surgery patients), hoping to find some
mindless drival which would bore me into slumber. I switched from infomercial
to informercial when I came upon the face of Nick Knight. Ever since that
fateful night three years ago I have watched this fine show. The re-runs are
wonderful but I miss the show very much. Although I was first caught up by
the face of Nick Knight, by the second show,I fell in love with everything
else. Three nurses(two female,one male) soon caught on to my midnight watching
and, they too began to watch, sneeking in to catch episodes,find out plots and
discuss the series. At one point, one of the doctors came in and watched!!
Forever Knight is a fine show that deserved more than it ever had...or didn't
have for that matter.

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