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Welcome and thanks for visiting my Home Page.  Here you'll find my Forever Knight fan fiction as well as links to the fiction web pages of my favorite FK authors.  Enjoy!

All I Need - This is the first story I wrote.  One day I'll go back and work on it, but for now, accept it as a 'first effort,' please.   Synopsis:  was it an accident or fate that brought Nick and Natalie together?

Prelude - A short piece written as a result of Debra Ann Fiorini's musings on the Nick and Nat Pack discussion loop.  After their first encounter in the morgue, did Nick *really* want Natalie to forget him?  (Note:  the dialogue is taken directly from
the transcript, the 'fill-in' emotions are from me.)

Un Acte de Foi (Leap of Faith or 'Godzilla' to my friends) - Written with Barbara Erickson.  Will Nick and   Natalie's love remain unrequited?    Read what happens when Nick and Natalie take the ultimate 'Leap of Faith.'  NOTE:  This contains an adult section not suitable for those under the age of 18.  Kindly respect and heed this warning, kiddies.

New Story! New Story! New Story! New Story!

Indigo Rain - This story was written for Katherine Robert's Nick and Nat Pack Second Annual Mini-con booklet for charity. Since the booklet and t-shirts made over $1200 for charity and all copies have been sold, I am posting the entire story here for the first time. Enjoy!

Every Gift - A short story written in July 1999 in reaction to a tragic death.


Links to the best authors in Forever Knight fandom!

Stormy's Forever Knight Fan Fiction   - Stormy can write plots in her sleep!  Make sure you read her classic, 'Shadow Dancer,' 1997 Forever Knight Fanfic Award winner (and my personal all-time favorite fanfic story which I've rated 'WM.' for 'Whoa, Momma' as the story I'd most like to see made into an FK movie!) as well as the 'Second Chance' series, 'Witness' series and stand-alone stories.  You won't be disappointed.
Nancy Taylor's Fan Fiction  - Nancy T's 'Laurene' series is a real winner!  Start with the pre-Laurene stories but don't miss 'Where Love Abides,' which I think is one of the best written pieces showcasing marital love I've ever seen.  If you like the idea of Nick and Nat having a family, you'll definitely find a home here.  Nancy also has great stand-alone stories.
Mary Combs' Fan Fiction - Mary writes some of the most beautiful and poignant prose I've ever read.  The fact that she's a Nick and Nat Packer means you're in for a treat!  Check out my favorites, 'A Time To Heal' and 'Coming Home,' along with Mary's other terrific offerings.  If you are at all like me, you'll find yourself waiting anxiously for Mary's newest projects!
Sue Clark's Fan Fiction - Prepare to be thoroughly entertained.  Sue's wry sense of humor will amuse and tantalize your funny bone.  My favorite short pieces include 'Nick and Nat Play Monopoly,' 'Are You a Vamp or Are You a Mouse?' (there's an eighth dwarf called 'Sleezy?') and 'Nick and Nat Play Doctor.'  Be sure to add Sue's longer dramatic stories, 'In The End' and 'Perchance' to your regimen of Nick and Natal romance.
Ian David Galloway - Set early in their relationship, David has skillfully crafted a Nick and Nat tale of romance, strength and belief in one another called 'Didacts and Narpets.'  This is an adult story which those over 18 will surely come to love as much as I did when I first discovered it over a year ago.  The great news is that the Pack's trek to Medieval Times in Toronto last summer inspired David to begin the sequel.  I, for one, can't wait!  July 1999 Update...David has begun writing the sequel. Methinks he has had enough offers to beta read it, that he *has* to finish it just to keep us from bugging him so much. I'm ready when you are, big guy!
Night Lady's FK Fan Fiction - Marci's series which begins with 'Forever is Ours' is a powerful, sweeping tale taking our heroes from sweet embraces to heart stopping adventures without skipping a beat!  For adults, her 'domestic' series including 'Laundromat Lark' and 'Broken Hoses, Unbroken Hearts' is not to be missed.  Stop by and discover the wealth of NightLady's FK stories.
Mel Moser's Fan Fiction - Our hard-working FK archivist is also a gifted writer!  Adults will enjoy 'Magic Fingers' and 'Tight Spaces' (I'd have to give this one my second 'WM' rating for the story I'd most like to see made into a short video, but how would we get the camera in there, Mel?).  Mel has many other stories you'll savor including a delightful one entitled 'It's All Coming Back to Me Now.'

Forever Knight Links

Mr. Happy's Forever Knight Web Page - "The" place to stop for all the latest Forever Knight news, episode guides, photos and biographies plus links to order FK books and other merchandise.

The Forever Knight Fanfic Archive Site - Home to over 2,100 Forever Knight fan fiction treasures!

Guenvier's Forever Knight Page - Guenvier's page includes both Forever Knight fiction and faction links and links to Due South sites (my other favorite program).


Some members of 'The Pack' at the 1998 Annual Nick and Nat Packers mini-con in Toronto.  Can you find the alien?  [Hint - the answer is always Carrie B]

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The top photo is our traditional group shot from the 1999 Second Annual Nick and Nat Packers Mini-Con, held in Toronto in June 1999. The bottom photo is our group dinner at The Spaghetti Factory. Say, Carrie, how exactly are you explaining all this to Joni? Can you find the alien this year?


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