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Brenda Bell webwarren@earthlink.net
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Fiendish Glow
Nicolas de Bearbant (The Vampbear) Don't be silly. Fiendish Glow
Don Fasig
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The picture of me on some of my FK pages is just over 4 years old. My hair is longer now (past my shoulders), the beard is a goatee, and I'm a little leaner. I'm 46 years old, 5'3", and about 140. I practice Tae-Kwon-Do (black belt), SCUBA dive, and ride my Mountain Bike. War times I usually ride to Toronto on my 1976 GL1000, black and chrome Goldwing dresser.
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Klytaimnestra lbowman@canada.com Profile I am a professor of ancient Greek literature at a western Canadian university, and read ancient languages. Rumor has it that I'm tall, blonde, independently wealthy, have a black belt in four martial arts so secret I can't tell you their names, habitually wear black leather corsets and stiletto heels under my conservative professor-type clothes, fly F-16s for recreation, am a gourmet cook and expert carpenter, have discovered a cure for dandruff and once unicycled over the cables of the Golden Gate Bridge.
Laura Ruggiero
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Stealth Mom
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