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Prepare yourself...It's going to be a long night.
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Dripping Blood

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War Nine Faction Leaders

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Our cast of characters...

Warmistress - La Sinestra
List Owner - Lisa McDavid
List Gardener - Don Fasig
Soulseeker - N&N Pack
Mel Moser - N&N Pack
Mary Jenkins - Dark Perks
Jenn Williams - Dark Perks 2IC
Laurie Schlagel - Mercs
Berg - Mercs 2IC
Jill Kirby - NatPack
Tina Cooling - NatPack
John Ewan - RatPack
Libby - RatPack 2IC
Julia - Unnamed Faction
Leslie GS - Unnamed Faction
Ruth Imeson - Unnamed Faction 2IC
Lisa Luksus - Cousins
Bonnie Rutledge - Cousins
Bob Sellers - Cousins
Emily Dachowitz - FoDs
Kathy - FoDs 2IC
Karen Tobin - Knighties
Katrinka - Knighties
Eowyn - Knighties 2IC
Nancy Taylor - Knighties 2IC
Alexandra C. Wyn Bleddyn - Die Hards
Arletta Asbury - Light Cousins
Tracy S.Morris - Vaquera(o)s
Laplor - Vaquera(o)s 2IC
Marcia Tucker - Dark Knighties
KnightGal - Nunkies Anonymous
Laurie Dudik - Lurkers
Rastro - Lurkers 2IC
RedPrints - Ravens/Ravenettes
Bonnie Pardoe - Incarnates
Angela Rynan - Celtic Glow Worms
NyxFixx - FK Tequila Fiends
*Non-Combatants* Kathryn Dexter - Mortal Siblings *Non-Combatants*

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War Tutorial

by Susan M. Garrett



Planning - The Idea

Planning - Contact the Target

Planning - Hire a Merc

Planning - Make a Plan

Planning - Review the Post

Diversion Post

Attack Post

Planning - Reaction Post

Reaction Post

Reaction Post

Planning - Contacting the Victim


Download the Entire Tutorial as a ZIP File

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War Nine Archives
The archives arranged by date were done by me based on the datestamp of each message. This is usually placed by the sending computer so there will be some significant discrepancies by War Time. I haven't had time to index the war post by the war timeline. If I find time, or someone provides me with an index, then I'll put up new archives.

The Faction archives come from three sources. The default is that they were done by me based on the Faction designations that appear in the subject line of the messages. As I am able to obtain indexes from various factions I will create archives for them based on those indexs. Indexed archives will be noted with the name of the indexer. Finally if I know of a site where a faction has already posted their own War Nine archive, I will link to that page.

All archives are Zip files containing a number of ASCII text files. Each message has been saved as a separate file. If you need to obtain a Zip archive utility, you can get one at

A few of the links in this section are not yet active.
By Day By Faction
Day One - April 25, 1998 Cousins
Day Two - April 26, 1998 Knight(ie)s
Day Three - April 27, 1998 Light Cousins
Day Four - April 28, 1998 Raven(ette)s
Day Five - April 29, 1998 Die Hards
Day Six - April 30, 1998 Friends of Don (FoDs)
Day Seven - May 1, 1998 Vaqueros
Day Eight - May 2, 1998 Unnamed Faction
Day Nine - May 3, 1998 Mercenaries
Day Ten - May 4, 1998 Ratpackers
Day Eleven - May 5, 1998 Nick & Nat Packers
Day Twelve - May 6, 1998 Nunkies Anonymous
Day Thirteen - May 7, 1998 Dark Perkulators
Day Fourteen - May 8, 1998 NatPack
Day Fifteen - May 9, 1998 Incarnates
Day Sixteen - May 10, 1998 Tequila Fiends
Day Seventeen - May 11, 1998 Celtic Glow Worms
Day Eighteen - May 12, 1998

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