He was brought across in 1228.....preyed on humans for their blood.....now, he wants to be mortal again....to repay society for his sins.....to emerge from his world of darkness.....from his endless Forever Knight........


Geraint Wyn Davies as Nick Knight


For those who have never seen the show, (and there are a few), the premise is simple. Nick Knight, as played by Geraint Wyn Davies above, was a knight in the Middle Ages who became disillusioned with the Crusades, lost his faith in what he was doing and finally in his God. He met a beautiful, seductive woman, Janette, who promised him an eternal life free of his moral obligations, full of the joys of total freedom. Janette took him to her master and thus Nick embarked on his new life. Several hundred years later, the knight of the Crusades began to resurrect inside our hero setting the stage for the present day conflict of Nick against his nature as well as against his Master. He strives to redeem himself for all his crimes against mortals by being the best police detective he can be and to stop the crimes mortals commit against themselves.

Now, with the cancellation of the show, I find myself at a loss since I have no outlet for my fantasies except the web and I am very new at this. I have collected a couple of pictures (about 500) and a few sound files (around 250) and even a few avi files. My friends seem to think I should share these marvelous collections with others who may not have the time or inclination to search out all the best sites and collect their own. So I agreed to try to share my beloved collections with those others who share my "obsession" with the Knight. Along the way, I'll try to point you toward some really nice links to celebrate the different factions that have sprung up around the various Forever Knight characters . Begin with a page dedicated to our hero Nicholas de Brabant Knight.



To those who follow the series, my nickname probably says it all. Those fans who identify with Janette are called Ravens or Ravenettes after the name of the club Janette runs in Toronto. (The clienteIe are not your usual bar hoppers, however, and mortals would do well to be careful when patronizing the place.) I adore Janette and would like to be the "person" she is,  (though probably without her proclivity for blood.) This is a woman who has faced the worst that life can offer and emerged stronger for it. Her husband sold her into prostitution way back at the beginning of the millennium and she probably would have died horribly at the hands of her pimp if she had not met her future Master. Now, she knows who (and what) she is and accepts herself totally. Unlike Nick (who is also adored) she feels no angst for being true to her nature. She is intensely loyal to her friends and is not a woman to have as an enemy. Janette's interests are best represented at Our Dark Lady Of Forever Knight.


Deborah Duchene as the Delicious Janette DuCharme


As one can easily see, the lady has a dual nature that can be both enticing and yet frightening at one and the same time. It is easy to imagine that our hero was her companion for centuries and still harbors a tendre for her despite his love for the very mortal Natalie Lambert.

Catherine Disher as Natalie Lambert

Natalie is one very sophisticated medical examiner who knows what Nick is and isn't fazed by it. (Well, maybe she isn't thrilled about Nick's nature but she faces the challenge of trying to bring him back across with determination and love.) Natalie's fans have carved out a place for her under the title of Natalie's Bed And Breakfast , check it out. In the meanwhile, she and Janette have achieved a "truce" of sorts , after Janette conquered her own nearly overwhelming desire to "dine" on Nick's new love interest. (Nick understands as he has to battle his own raging "hormones" when it come to Nat.) For those whose dreams include a finale that puts Nick and Nat together, the best place to start is with the Mortal Love page which includes links to pictures, fiction, sounds and other really good pages.

Nick and Nat in an amorous moment.

Nick and Janette in an amorous moment.

Looks like Nick really ought to figure out which lady he wants to be with. It can be very dangerous to play two ladies against each other. They might get together and compare notes.

Nick has had two partners over the seasons. His first, Don Schanke, (see Don's page) was not much to look at and had some really annoying traits but turned out to be a pretty good detective. He could gather and analyze clues rather well and helped Nick solve many of their cases. With all that analytical experience, it still amazes me that he nearly never put it together about his own partner. (Extreme allergy to sunlight, never eating (in public), travels realllllllllly fast even without his car, reports from more than one crook about his eyes, fangs, etc., the nickname, Knightmare, seems to follow him around.) On second thought, Don's imagination hardly stretches to encompass the idea that Toronto has a thriving vampire population, so when he finally does click on the truth, he is easily "persuaded" to forget all he had deduced about Nick and his friends.

John Kapelas as Don Schanke

His next partner came along after Don and his police Captain were killed in a plane crash. Tracy Vetter is a perennially perky blond whose father is the commissioner. She constantly worries that others will think she got the job because of her connections so she works twice as hard as other detectives to be able to prove she is just as good. Funny thing though, she also has a blind eye where Nick is concerned. This is of even more concern when you consider that unlike Don, she knows for a fact that vampires exist since she has her own "supernatural friend" in the person of one Javier Vachon.

Ben Bass as Javier Vachon

Lisa Ryder as Tracy Vetter

Now Javier Vachon is the newest addition to the Toronto chapter of Vampires Anonymous. His background is checkered as he is constantly on the move and avoids both relationships and trouble with detached aplomb. His one weakness seems to be the pesky but perky Tracy who is a "resister" when it comes to the vampire "whammy" which would make her forget about Vachon and his kind. Vachon cannot follow the vampire "code" and simply kill her to protect their community so he finds himself in the unfamiliar territory of being responsible for her safety and silence. Nick also charges Vachon with the task of keeping Nick's secret from Tracy.

Like Nick, Vachon also comes with a little vampire playmate who rivals the mortal for his time and attention. Her name is Urs and she is quite a delectable dish in her own right. Vachon learned from Urs the futility of bringing across someone who doesn't want it with their whole heart so he won't do it to Tracy.

Kristin Lehman as Urs


Now, what story would be complete without the villain? This one wouldn't, so enter Lucien Lacroix. Lacroix is a 2000 year old vampire who also happens to be Nick and Janette's maker. This means he is their Master, father, (perhaps more if the Unnamed Faction is correct), and he expects obedience. For Janette, this poses no problem as she is supremely happy in her life as a vampire, but here we run into Nick's angst about his bad behavior in the past and thereby hangs the tale. He wants to be free of Lacroix, be a mortal, and love Natalie as a mortal man. Lacroix wants his son, his creation, his............., to embrace his nature and come back to the fold. To that end, he will use whatever means he can to accomplish his goal. This normally would include simply killing the mortal of Nick's affection but Lacroix finds the good doctor intriguing in her own right. He also knows that this mortal means more to Nick than others and that to kill her outright would bring about a greater division between Nick and himself. So he waits, sets up interesting little situations, baits both Nick and Natalie and uses his mellow vampiric voice to taunt Nick on his nightly radio show as the Nightcrawler.

Nigel Bennett as Lucien LaCroix


Do I sound as though I'm as crazy about the villain as I am about the hero? Well, you're right. Nick is gorgeous, kind-hearted, loving (as much as possible considering his nature), and devoted to doing the right thing. Trouble is he's so full of guilt that he can't enjoy what he has. Lacroix has no guilt about what he is and as we come to discover over the course of the show, he has his own "good" qualities. He is devoted to his "children" and will do anything to protect them as any loving father would. He wants only the best for Nick, they simply disagree on what that is.

For the really ghoulish who demand their evil a little more pure, try Lacroix's Master, his own daughter, Divia. Talk about unrestrained evil................(shudddddddder). You see, Divia is Lucius' daughter and then she is his Master. But that is not enough for this selfish little girl. She wants more. As evil as LaCroix is, he is still appalled by her request/demand especially when she also confesses that she has killed her own Master. So he beheads her. For most, this would spell the end, but Divia is a VERY powerful vampire.

Kathryn Long as Divia

Now I know there are others out there who love to explore the darker side of everything so you will enjoy reading the fan fic stored at the JADFE archives. Be aware however, that this is mostly adult fiction and the younger fans of Forever Knight should stick with the fan fic at the Forever Knight Fan Fiction site.

If you have enjoyed my tale of the vampire with a heart and would like to see more of this wonderful show, please go to the Kickstart the Knight page to find out what you can do to help bring this show back for tv movies at the very least.


Now I promised to share my picture and wav collections with everyone so here are the links.

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