Kickstart the Knight

Kickstart the Knight (or KtK) was the second campaign to bring Forever Knight back from cancellation, starting about a year after its cancellation.  Over time, its focus shifted to getting TPTB to license Forever Knight-themed merchandise and/or film a television movie based on it.  Ultimately, the campaign generated little more than some measure of publicity for the show, except for the mid-’90s release of all three seasons on DVD.

 The Official “Kickstart the Knight” Webpage
Originally at .
From 1998.  Jessica Roop’s original version of the KtK site.
(NOTE:  Using material saved by Desiree, this site has been restored from a copy on the Wayback Machine.)

 Kickstart the Knight
Originally spread over (later

From 2002. Includes copies of The Crusader from Vol.1 No.1 (January 1998) to Vol.3 No.2 (July 2000).
(NOTE:  This site has been largely restored using a copy made by Desiree in February 2000.  It should be noted that copies of the site archived later on the Wayback Machine do not include additional issues of The Crusader.)

 Kickstart the Knight’s Seventh Internet Auction
Originally on the KtK website at .
Advertises the donated items that were included in the seventh auction.

 Kickstart the Knight flyer from 2003

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