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Thank you for your interest in the Kickstart the Knight campaign!  We need your help NOW in order to do everything possible to help BRING BACK THE KNIGHT!

In the past, “Forever Knight” has been revived when all seemed hopeless. While the last original "Forever Knight" episode aired in April 1996, we now have a better opportunity to return "Forever Knight" to the screen than we have ever had before.  BUT WE NEED YOUR HELP!

Stephen Chao is now head of programming at USA Networks. He is currently looking to hear from fans about their viewing choices. THIS GIVES US THE OPPORTUNITY TO BE HEARD, BUT WE CAN'T DO IT WITHOUT YOU!

Unlike Nick Knight, we do not have forever. The time to act is NOW. Grab your pen and paper and write the people holding the fate of “Forever Knight” in their hands.  Please check out our current "Powers That Be" address list to see where you should write.

We can also do our part by making copies of the KtK flyer and getting permission to distribute it at book stores, local Sci-Fi conventions, college campuses (extremely important), etc.;  and by sharing information about "Forever Knight" with friends who watch daytime television.  Urge your friends to write too. It’s all or nothing.

In addition to writing letters, we also conduct one or more on-line auctions each year. These fund additional advertisements for "Forever Knight".  We have placed large ads in such publications as "The Hollywood Reporter", "Daily Variety", "Weekly Variety", "Sci Fi Entertainment", "Sci Fi Universe", and "TV Guide", and have more ads planned.

The time is now to save the Knight!  It's all or nothing. Even if you are only able to write one letter, please act quickly. Anything you can do will help the cause!

Let "The Powers That Be" know, politely but resolutely, that you want MORE "FOREVER KNIGHT"!



The opening statement, the online contacts page, and the FAQ portions of this web site,  and all of the previous KtK web site, were created by Jessica Roop (e-mail:  rainqueen1228@yahoo.com).   Many thanks to Jessica for all of her hard work!

The remainder of this web site was designed by KtK staffer Becky Jones (e-mail: BJDFKFan@aol.com). 



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