2/3/10: This site has been recalled to life by the persistent efforts of a great many people. To all of you, profligate thanks.

Please note that there have been some changes to the content. Everything is now arranged according to original date of writing/posting. I've removed many stories that I felt were sub-par, even for when I wrote them. Therefore, what remains may be justly considered the best of the FK fanfic that I've produced (merciful gods). I've also removed the Sons of Lilith series permanently. I have personal reasons for deciding to do this, but the biggest reason was professional: I have a couple of original novels in progress which are based on many of the peripheral characters and situations in SoL, and I need to give those projects priority right now. But you're more than welcome to everything else.

In addition... well, I can't promise anything, but there might be some new material in the coming year. There, that should cover everything...


Last Knightmare (January 2003)
~1996: 'Last Knight'... with a twist.

Original Sin (March 2003)
~1228: LaCroix's thoughts on first seeing his future son. (Takes place during the flashbacks in 'Dance By the Light of the Moon.')

This Hellish Alchemy (March 2003)
~1229: Lucien LaCroix has met the love of his life. But he cannot love... or so he thinks. And so have others come to believe.
Parts: 1 2 3 4

Carpe Noctem (March 2003)
~1992: Nick takes Natalie flying. (Takes place after 'False Witness' but before 'Cherry Blossoms.')

My Immortal (April 2003)
~2016: Natalie returns to Toronto after twenty years, but finds only dust. (Post-series)

October (July 2003)
~1993: While healing from his injuries, LaCroix dreams... (First season. Takes place sometime between 'Dark Knight: The Second Chapter' and 'Love You to Death.')

Forsake Me Not (July 2003)
~1217: When Nicolas begins to have fevered, passion-filled dreams of a woman he has never met, he fears he is going mad. (Takes place during the flashbacks in 'Queen of Harps.')

Full Circle (August 2003)
~1992: Nick considers his faith. (First season. Takes place after 'For I Have Sinned.')

Nocturnal Pleasures (August 2003)
~1995: Vachon decides staying in Toronto might not be so bad after all. (Third season. Takes place after 'Black Buddha, Part Two.')

Strong Man's Ashes (September 2003)
~1996: LaCroix's confession at the Raven, told from his point of view. (Third season. Takes place during 'Ashes to Ashes.')

Eternal Rest (October 2003)
**Written for the 2003 Crusader Newsletter Halloween Fanfic Contest
~1992: It's Halloween, and Nick and Schanke have to go undercover at a costume party to catch a killer. Nick is uncomfortably reminded of time spent as a resurrection man, and the last time he impersonated one of the 'undead.' (First season. Takes place between 'Spin Doctor' and 'Dying for Fame.')
Parts: 1 2 3 4

In Desert Waste or Crowded Street (October 2003)
~1995: Nick and Schanke go to check out a homicide at CERK, and Nick has to confront both LaCroix and his guilt. (Second season. Takes place immediately after 'Curiouser and Curiouser.')

A Soundless Heartbeat (November 2003)
~1228: In all its glory and silent pain, his heart sang to her, and Janette made up her mind to have the Crusader and call him her. (Takes place during the flashbacks in 'Dance By the Light of the Moon.')

Christmastime in the City (December 2003)
**Winner of the 2003 Yuletide Award for Best Non-Adult Fiction
~1995: Nick prepares to spend another Christmas alone. (Third season. Takes place after 'Strings.')
Parts: Prologue 1 2 3 4 Epilogue

The Subtle Forms of Control (December 2003)
~1996: Fearing that Nick is nearing complete meltdown and having exhausted all other options, Natalie goes to LaCroix for help. (Third season. Takes place after 'Human Factor.')

Downfall (March 2004)
~1995: With LaCroix's help, Nick struggles to recover his memory. (Third Season. Takes place after the tag scene in 'Night in Question.')

My City of Ruins (July 2004)
~79 AD: Lucius's thoughts after escaping Pompeii. (Pre-first season. Takes place after 'A More Permanent Hell' flashbacks.)

All of the Photographs (June 2005)
~2259: Centuries after his time in Toronto, Nick sees someone he thinks he knows. (Post series. Takes place far in the future.)

Lamb Chop (October 2007)
~1992: Natalie has some explaning to do... (Not really sure when this one takes place. I'm open to suggestions!)

You Know You're Addicted to Forever Knight When...

From the Ashes: Reincarnation in Buddhism and Christianity (December 2002)
Not strictly FK, but definitely related.

Fire and Ice: Dante's Concepts of Hell, Justice and Redemption in Forever Knight (December 2003)

Supernatural Attraction: Why We Like It (December 2003)
By Kristin Harris

The Wrong Side of the Knight: Who is Nicholas de Brabant as a Historical Figure? (February 2005)