To satisfy the legalities, this page is for the storage and enjoyment of Forever Knight Adult Fan Fiction. If you are NOT 18 years of age OR if you are offended by explicit sex scenes between consenting adults both of the opposite sex and of the same sex (SLASH), please hit your back button and continue to browse the web. If you are in the right place, welcome.

JADFE was named for the original owners and stands for "James and Darkangels Forever Erotica."   Though ownership has changed, the title remains the same.  We have tried to maintain the divisions as before so that you may choose the flavor of your reading pleasure . To that end you will find the following categories:






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What's New


The fans of Forever Knight are in an ongoing campaign to convince "The Powers That Be" that the audience is still here and would LOVE to have more of our favorite vampire and his entourage.  If you would care to join us in the effort which includes ads, auctions, t-shirts, conventions, and letter writing, please follow the link and join the fight.   



The stories are presented here just as I received them. Some of them were written on older word processing programs and seem to have brought along a lot of strange characters (ASCII, not people) but as I have time, I will try to clean up the individual stories. In addition, I cannot put a date on the older stuff as to when it was actually posted but I will do so on any future submissions. Simply know that if it has no posting date, it was on the old site and I do not know the posting date.

At the request of some of the readers, I am including a page listing all stories by author. Not all of the stories have the real name of the author so a nickname will have to suffice.

Should you wish to submit a story to the archives, please send it to I will process it as quickly as possible to put it out for everyone to enjoy.

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