Across the river Styx, or, as some say,
guarding the gates of Hades, is Cerberus,
the bronze-voiced hound, who has three heads of
dogs, the tail of a dragon and on his back the
heads of all sorts of snakes....

Now the Hound of Hades serves the General....

The Cousins' Fkfic-L War 11 Homepage

"I'm listening also. I hear your thoughts. You feel you're alone, but you're not. I feel your pain, your frustration, your hunger for justice. I am the Nightcrawler. I feel everything. Come to me. Now.

I can be your strength when you have none. I can be your wisdom, your truth. And all you need to share with me is your very soul."

~~ LaCroix

Cousinly Leaders

You can reach the Cousinly Leaders at: For War 11, the three heads of Cerberus (the Cousinly Leadership body) are Cousin Tok, Cousin Bob and Cousin Tserisa.

The Leaders of the Cousins have been referred to as Cerberus since War 7, and it is traditional for there to be three co-leaders (or heads, each 1/3rd of Cerberus). All three are War Veterans from at least three Wars and have previous leadership experience with the Cousins. They will be happy to answer any questions that you have.

Important Information!

The Premise!
Rules for Character Usage and Switches!
Rules for War XI!

Read the above files! If you don't understand, please ask. And do follow the rules -- it'll make for a much happier War! :)

Useful Pages on This Site

Cousinly Bios

Cousin Tserisa
Cousin Shelley
Jess -- Cousinly Receptionist
Cousin Stan
Cousin Tok

Cousinly Resources

Pets and Animals -- Critters available, with owner permission, for stories.

Factions -- A list of factions playing in War XI.

Other Factions' War Pages

Nunkies Anonymous
Perks/Dark Perks
Unnamed Faction
Cousins of the Knight

Or you can visit the FKGardener's nicely arranged FK Factions page with links and leader e-mails! Whoo! FK Factions List and, look! a list of all the people participating in the War! Participants List

War 11 Archives

The following pages, open to the public, will archive the War as it drops. Great for coming back and reading if you need to be gone for a bit! Also archiving ForKni-L War 11 discussion!

FKFic-L War 11 Archives
ForKni-L War 11 Archives

War Schedule

June 16Deadline for Faction Declaration to WM
June 21Permission Slips Due to Faction Leaders
June 24Permission Slips/Players posted on web page
June 28Premise posted to FORKNI-L and FKFIC
July 5War Starts (exact time TBA)
July 19War Ends

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