The Garretting

Susan Garrett had a book signing on Sunday, November 23, 1997 at the Borders book store on North Clark Street in Chicago. Three of the Demented FK Sisters--Rav, Steph, and myself--went on a road trip and all went to the signing together. Below are some of the pics I took of the festivities. To read about what happened, check out StephiLyn Fryar's Garretting report. To read the somewhat inaccurate (but better than nothing!) press coverage of the event, check out the Chicago Tribune article (© 1997 Chicago Tribune) about the signing.

Susan preparing for the signing.

Susan posing with the perfect gift--a pic of Ger taken by Andrea at the Gerthering 3.

Susan holding her book.

Melissa, Andrea, Rav, myself, and Steph.

Myself, Steph, Susan, and Rav.

A shot of the crowd mingling after the presentation. At right is Rohan Preston of the Chicago Tribune interviewing Susan.

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