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Season 1

101 - Dark Knight (1992 Pilot) and 102 - Dark Knight II

"How long has Schanke been here?"--Nick
"About ten minutes. How'd you know?"--Policeman
"I can smell his cologne."--Nick

"Hey wonderboy! What kept you?"--Schanke to Nick

"Can you believe they put a guy like that in homicide? Falls apart when he sees a little salsa picante.--Schanke

"Well howdy, partner!" -- Schanke
"Will somebody shoot me? Please?" -- Nick

"Sure he looks good in leather. The blond hair, the whole thing...between you and me and the lamp post, he's in the dark about a few things."--Schanke

"Around. What the hell's around?"--Schanke

"A vampire! That's what he said." --Schanke
"No kidding."--Stonetree
I heard him! 'A vampire swooped out of the sky, and knocked him out.'"--S

"So, you're not mad about the car?"--Schanke
"I could kill you about the car, but I owe you an apology about the case."-- Nick

"Oh, yeah, I remember, Knight. Do you realize you've got a pint of grade-A Schanke running through you?"-- Schanke

103 - For I Have Sinned

"And what else goes with dancing?"--Alma
"I don't know...Dining?"--Schanke

"Anyway, I went to this club that my partner hangs out in a lot. There was this woman in there her name was Elma, or Yvette, I don't know what her name was..."--Schanke
"It's Alma."--Nick
"Yeah right, Alma, she was coming on to me...*Me* like I was Mel Gibson to the tenth like I was some Greek *GOD*."--Schanke
"Number one I thought I told you to stay away from there."--Nick

Twenty Hail Marys--promise you'll never go in there again." -- Nick to Schanke

"I'm cold. I'm tired. Did someone say there was bratwurst in there?"--Schanke

"Man oh man, my head is pounding."--Schanke

"I think your confession made me sick to my stomach."--Nick to Schanke

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104 - Last Act

"Hey Knight, raise the draw bridge, and there better be food in there!"--Schanke

"This is trully pathetic..Should we be talking about an alcohol problem here?"--Schanke to Nick

"For your information red wine is not supposed to be refrigerated."--Schanke

"There's only one thing I like about working with you."--Schanke
"Oh yeah, what's that?"--Nick

"What does that give us besides a growling stomach, and a major need for Souvlaki?"--Schanke

"Nick you solved this thing, besides think of the paperwork!"--Schanke

"Nick, bring him back in! You solved this thing. Besides, think of the paper work if you drop him."--Schanke

"You're alive, pal. Don't blow it by insulting my partner."--Schanke

"I don't know, I found it sleep affirming'. I hear play and I think football...call me a boor."--Schanke
"Boor!"--Nat and Nick

"Did I miss something? What'd I miss?" --Schanke
"Only the middle ages."-- Nat
"Damn! Were they funny?" --Schanke
"I enjoyed them!" Nick (quietly to Nat)

105 - Dance by the Light of the Moon

"Excuse me Knight I'm not the one with high heel puncture marks on my tongue." "I guess your never gonna know what it's gonna be."--Schanke
"What what's going to be?"--Nick
"What it is that's gonna do it for you. With me it's autumn afternoons, plaid skirts and kneesocks."--Schanke

"I'm not worth a wad of buffalo chips if I don't get eight hours."-- Schanke
"That explains so much!"--Nick

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106 - Dying to Know You

"Stonetree called in half the dayshift for this!"--Schanke

"I think she likes you!"--Schanke
"I think she likes me!"-- Nick

"Dont' worry sir. We'll find your family without all the booga-booga stuff."--Schanke

"A psychic ruined my life. I kid you not! Myra's got this aunt, figures she's got the power. The power to make my life like hell. Which she did! She told Myra I wasn't going to see another spring. So all winter long I'm eating watercress, bean sprouts, low-fat yogurt...You ever eat lowfat yogurt? Come to think of it, I've never seen exactly what you do eat."--Schanke to Nick

"Are you asking me? Wait, what's the date today? So I can mark it on my calendar."--Schanke

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107 - False Witness

"Do not beat yourself up. You were a super hero to get here as quick as you did. How did you get here as quick as you did?"--Schanke

"So you lied, so what!"--Schanke

"It's either that, or I've got the six million dollar man as a partner."--Schanke

"You OD on a six foot souvlaki or something?"--Nick to Schanke

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108 - Cherry Blossoms

"This isn't a movie, Schanke. This is real life!"--Stonetree

"Don't worry Jake, it's only Chinatown."--Schanke

"All I know is my wife loves Moo Goo Guy Pan."--Schanke

"And none of these lucky stiffs was AB?"--Schanke

"Right, me and Mr. Hot will hit the streets."--Schanke

"Woo hoo hoo, Scared. I should have popped him when I had the chance."--Schanke

"I say we go down there and persuade him."--Schanke

"Don't sneak up on me Knight. I can't be responsible for what might happen next."--Schanke

"If no one knows where she is no one can leak it!"--Nick to Stonetree
"It's funny how you've taken my theory and decided to call it your own."--Schanke
"Hey, law of averages Schank'. I mean every once in a while even you've got to be right!"--Nick

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109 - I Will Repay

"After what she saw, I doubt Vanessa Delgado would trust us to guard her place in a supermarket check out line!"--Schanke

"The guy's a major looser."--Schanke

No thanks, I've already got one."--Schanke

"Man I thought you were supposed to be the sensitive one!"--Schanke to Nick

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110 - Dead Air

"How come he gets the live ones?"--Schanke to Stonetree
"They like him!"--Stonetree

"Single women who made it with pizza delivery boys."--Schanke

"I hope you left the keys to the caddie."--Schanke

"Boy, am I getting the run around here."--Schanke

"For this, I want overtime."--Schanke

"Hasta la bye bye."--Schanke

"Hello Norman, come to Papa."--Schanke

"And a little bit of luck of the Schanke."--Schanke

"It happened when I was a rookie."--Schanke

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111 - Hunters

"Oh terrific, last weeks police special! Great! They nailed you for a subscription too, huh?"--Schanke

"I knew this place was full of wackos!"--Schanke

"Just one thing, is that a coffin in the corner?"--Schanke
"We cater to the occasional fetishist."--Janette to Schanke

"I promise you I will be right back...Cross my heart!"--Schanke
"Please, don't do that in front of me!"--Janette

"Let the hunted become the hunter!"--Janette to Nick

"Igor Stravinsky, Charlie Parker, the Beatles... The world of music has as many facets as the gem of life, each beautiful in it's own way."-- Schanke

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112 - Dead Issue

"We have a dead body! Can we clear here?"--Schanke

"I can't get Myra near a weapon!"--Schanke

"I know that smile."--Nick
"I dare say you do! It’s the smile of a slam dunk victory."--Schanke

"Let me here those beautiful words, partner!"--Schanke
"What happened to Mrs Fiori?"--Nick
"Let me here the words first!"--S
"You were right."--Nick
"What else?"--S
"And I was wrong.--Nick

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113 - Father Figure

"Your instincts will kick in. Don't sweat it! After a few hours with that little angel you'll probably get the biological urge to have some of your own... How old are you anyway?"--Schanke
"I'm a lot older than I was five minutes ago!"--Nick

"You know your a pain in the roids?"--Schanke to Nick

"Pizza Cop. Pizza Cop. Buzz me in, Knight."--Schanke

"This guy's got the weirdest taste of any cop I've ever known."--Schanke

"Kids. Gotta love em. Got any kids? Get some. That's an order."--Schanke

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114 - Spin Doctor

"Make Luck? What is it Confucius? Steer Fate? sounds like new age self help advice."--S

"You know what They say, 'The bathroom is the most dangerous room in the house.'"--S

"This was no accident."--Nat
"Unless the TV spontaneously levitated into the tub."--Schanke

"Oh, come on Schanke. He's as phoney as his hair weave."--Nat
"That's a weave?"--Schanke

"Just a question. Those donuts over there, are they for us?"--S

"Myra, it's me. I can't remember, am I registered to vote?"--S

"I sure hope she doesn't know how to use that thing ... she knows!"--S

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115 - Dying for Fame

"Knight, Knight! Hey Nick, rise and shine. Stonetree’s sweating blood! Duty calls. I know you’re to cool to come out and play in the day."-- Schanke on the phone

"Nice outfit! Don’t you think you’re overreacting to this ozone thing?"-- Schanke to Nick

"Have you been to a barbeque?"--Schanke to Nick

"I dreamed of being up there with them; John, Paul, George, and Schanke."--Schanke

"What do you think it's like up there?"--Schanke

"Yeah, Woodstock. You were there? Yeah right, in macramé diapers, and Janis Joplin sang you a lullaby!"--Schanke
"Actually, I was with the Grateful Dead."--Nick

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116 - Only the Lonely

"Myra lives for this stuff!"--Schanke

"Anyway who has time for dating?"--Nat
"He does. What's wrong with him?"--Schanke (pointing at Nick)
"Beats me, ask him!"--Nat
"What's wrong with you?--Schanke to Nick

"No no no, wait a minute. Do I look like I eat cardboard and ride on a treadmill? Do I look like I have spots and a tail? Don't do this to me Natalie. This is not right!"
"One day you're slicing cake, the next day you're slicing me."--Schanke to Nat

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117 - Unreality TV

"It's a dark and... dark and lonely jungle out there, with lots of wild animals masquerading as human beings.--Schanke

"Is this a compliment? I'll try not to get a swelled head."--Schanke

"Does he seem sort of excentric to you?"--Tawney
You mean the skin condition thing? You mean the only ever working night shift thing? Mean the fact that he has no family, and shys away from social functions like bowling and other stuff with the cops. Still hasn't bought me one meal. Never seems to eat himself, not even doughnuts...Excentric? Nah!"--Schanke

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118 - Feeding the Beast

"Hey Nick, got any bad habits?"--Schanke on the phone

"Schanke, what would you say... what would you say if I told you I was an addict?"--Nick

"An addict? Wait, wait we're not talking about the red wine in the refigerator are we? 'Cause...No, no, no, absolutely not, you're perfectly alright, Nick! You're perfectly fine, absolutely not! Trust me!"--Schanke

"Am I missing something here? I had three falafals for lunch yesterday, did I get this kind of reception?"--Schanke

"And by the way, what I said earlier about the addiction stuff, stricken from the record, pal. I apologize, you're my partner, and I'll take you any way I can get you!"--Schanke

"Hey Nick, whatever you're going through, I'm with you buddy! Hang in there!"--Schanke

"You think I know nothing about art?"--Schanke
"No, it's just that you have a velvet painting of Elvis in your locker."--Nick

"Myra keeps a copy of the Andy Warhol diaries in the John."--S

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119 - If Looks Could Kill

"Good bye Norma Dean."--Schanke

"The first stroll through the contents of a woman's purse is no walk in the park."--S

"I worship this woman!"--Schanke
"That woman is fifteen years old!"--Nat

"Mud wrap? I could just see Myra in a mudwrap... Ship ahoy!"--Schanke

"I can't remember, I just can't remember!"--Schanke
"He can't remember, he just can't remember."--Nat
"Post hypnotic suggestion."--Nick
"Well, I don't mean to criticize, but couldn't you have been a bit more thorough? Say planted an alternate memory, for his sake?"--Nat
"Oh yeah, maybe I could have...and eventually I will."--Nick

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120 - Fatal Mistake

"I'm telling you Nick, it is your diet or lack thereof. It's a scientific fact that people hallucinate when they don't have enough fat or sugar."--Schanke

"You know, if I don't get home before midnight one of these nights, Myra's going to nail the door shut. She's going to leave my p'jamas neatly folded on the veranda. She'll do that, she will. Make me sleep with the racoons."--Schanke

121 - 1966

"My sideburns are not to be ridiculed by you!"--Schanke

122 - Love You to Death

"Hey Nicky boy, how're you doin'?"--Schanke

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Season 2

201 - Killer Instinct

"If the lab got hold of a real sample of Nick's, that could be the end of his career!"--Nat to Schanke

"Did you know that there was blood in your refrigerator?"--Schanke

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202 - A Fate Worse than Death

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203 - Stranger than Fiction

"She writes vampire books!"--Schanke

"This is a PR stunt and you want us to babysit?"--Schanke
"But Captain, We're homicide."--Nick
"You know post-facto kinda guys."--Schanke
" You gotta be a real nut to get off on this. Check this out, 'As Christian drank reedily from LaSalle's wrists ... ' What's the big deal about Vampires!? Why's everybody so crazy about them?"--S

"You mean like HARD COPY?"--S

"Yah, right. Come'on, We'll take our stuff upstairs. Probably a little funky but what can you do."--S

"Someone call for backup, NOW!"--S

"Still think this is a PR stunt?"--Nick
"They've got a lot of nerve if it is. Assaulting a cop. Biting a Cop. Nobody saw nothing as usual. Whoever this guy is, he moves real quick, or whatever he is..."--Schanke

"This is crazy. Who would want to kill a writer?"--S

"Come to my place and I'll show you some garlic and holy water, huh."--S

"You gotta admit that you know there's some really hot stuff in Emily's book. I mean the whole blood sucking thing. It's all so sexual."--Schanke
"Well, of course."--Nick
" and they can hypnotise their victims. Did you know that? Imagine, just looking at a woman and she's under your spell."--Schanke
"Now that would be cheating."--Nick
"Huh-oh, you're saying you wouldn't!"--Schanke

"You kidding? It fell off some kid's doll or something."--S

"Next time you find a marble on the street, PLAY WITH IT! Get my drift."--S

"Come on Knight! Use your imagination."--S

"Think of me as your guardian angel and I've just granted you your darkest wish."--S

"Looks like our fearless killer vampire took the night off."--S

"If you need me, just scream in terror."--S

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204 - Bad Blood

"My wife had an aunt who married this guy from Dublin by way of Athens."--Schanke
"That's an interesting mix."--Liam O'Neil
"Oh yeah, every Saint Patricks day we get together and dye the ouzo green.--S

"I dropped my chili dog. It's not back here, I think it rolled up front. Lift your legs Liam."--Schanke

"Did everybody forget how to drive all of a sudden?"--Schanke

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205 - Forward Into the Past

"Am I interrupting something? GOOD! God forbid you should let me know where you're going. People might actually start to think we're partners."--S

"Madame Natasha's psychic readings? I wonder if she has something for a precinct captain's hex?"--Schanke

"If you ask me, this Eva lady is one piece of lamb short of a souvlaki, if you get my drift."--Schanke

"Man-oh-man if you can make that stick, I will build you a shrine."--Schanke to Nick

"I haven't had that much fun grilling somebody since Myra drove the Cordoba into a ditch."--Schanke

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206 - Capitol Offense

"Anyway they covered the whole trial on the Gavel channel. Myra's got it on tape. I wonder why she's got it on tape?"--Schanke
"I wouldn't worry too much about it Schank', but I would sleep with one eye open if I were you!"--Nick

"Only if you're thinking about Myra in hip-waders."-- Schanke

"Myra responds heatedly to the call of the wild, if you get my drift!"--Schanke

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207 - Hunted

"My ... mmm..., mmm..., Myra, Myra can I just interject something here. Whan am I ever going to have time to visit the Gulf of St. Lawrence? I mean the whales can wait. You mean Mating season is the month ... You want to watch the whales mate? Why Honey? Yah Right Captain... Listen Honey my work is just piling up here. Yes, I'll call you later. I love you too."--Schanke
"I hope that's Myra."--Nick
"Yah, she says we never talk so I call her up and she ends up doing all the talking. Usually about the vacation we'll never have."--Schanke
"At least she's including you in her plans."--Nick

"They checked the phases of the moon against the hits... like the guy's a werewolf or something.--Schanke

"Nick's got the hots for the shooter, I call him the garbageman.--Schanke

"Okay Schank', I'll bite. Why the garbageman?"--Nick

"You know, you are a huge road map of sickness lady. You know that Nick is not going to show up and all you're doing is getting yourself in deeper and deeper.--S

"Hey, you like dark, huh. Then you'd enjoy some candlelit bowling."--Schanke

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208 - Faithful Followers

Weird is BAU... Business As Usual, for Nick.-- Schanke to Nat

You didn't see the way he was looking at me!-- Schanke
How?-- Nat
"The thousand yard stare... Nick Knight of the living dead!"--Schanke

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209 - Undue Process

"If you ask me, the old rope dance is too good for him. Something more slow, and excruciating would be more my choice."--Schanke

"Man oh man I hate this job tonight!"--Schanke

"Everything will be fine, Cap'n. Just as long as I don't accidentally strangle him with my bare hands!"--Schanke

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210 - Father's Day

"Let's see what your friend Schanke has to say about that. Shall we? A father provides love, dicipline, guidance, protection, and support."-- LaCroix
"He left out freedom."--Nick
"So would I!"--LaCroix

"Anything to keep a smile on your face, Captain."--Schanke

"I want to thank you for standing in for me. Before you say, It was nothing,' it was something. It was really important to me and...Well, it just meant a lot to me and I want to thank you."--Schanke to Nick

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211 - Can't Run, Can't Hide

"Man oh man, this is amateur night."--Schanke

"Whoever whacked him, they hit him quick and they hit him hard."--Schanke

"Listen Nick. I'm sure that graffiti is very important, but what about that possible murder weapon we just found? Hello? Nick? Anyone home?"--Schanke

"Whatever it is can wait. It's Show and Tell Time."--Schanke

"Personally, I don't trust anyone that sounds that good."--Schanke

"You know Nick? Sometimes I get the feeling that you're not listening. At all. To me!"--Schanke

"Well, we won't get the fingerprint results until the computers come back up. Which will be sometime in the 29th century. So, you won't buy me breakfast, you'll buy me lunch. Which will be a much anticipated event."--Schanke

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212 - Near Death

"What's with Doctor Doom?"--Nat
"Myra's birthday."--Nick

"It's birthdays. They just get to me. It's another year closer to the end."--Schanke

"It's just that sometimes it hits you, Nick. Death means the end of ... uh, you. I mean, doesn't that make you think?"--Schanke

"Putting chicken brains into monkeys? That sort of thing?"--Schanke

"Of course! But can it make coffee?"--Schanke

"Ground control to Major Nick."--Schanke

"Natalie! Okay, if this has something to do with Nick and he's in trouble. I want to know. As in, NOW!"--Schanke

"I'm curious what happens when we die, but I don't go on reconnaissance missions to find out."--Schanke

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213 - Crazy Love

"I think inmate is probably closer. Her name is Whitney David: double header, twin bill, both halves of a comedy team - schizo."--Schanke

"That is sweet. It takes a police task force eleven months to nail this creep and no sooner does he unpack his toothbrush, it's One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest'."--Schanke

"It's not the patients, Natalie. It's the shrinks."--Schanke

" I'll go around back.' Maybe for once I will go around back!"--Schanke

Yawn "I am outta here. I'm history. That's all she wrote. Not only has the fat lady sung, but she's left the theater with Elvis."--Schanke

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214 - Baby, Baby

"Welcome to the wonderful world of hard hats. You know the true meaning of HatHair when you take one of these things off."--Schanke

"Since when does Nick ever tell me where he's going?"--Schanke

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215 - Partners of the Month

"The idea that married people make hot monkey love while sleeping in separate beds went out with Lucy and Ricky. It's impossible to generate any heat from the living room couch. Pretty damned difficult to get any sleep, too."--Schanke

"I hope you like pizza, natures perfect food."--Schanke to Nick

"You're my best friend...You're my partner!"--Schanke

"Stay on it, both of you! And stop acting like you're married!"--Cohen

"Is it me or did we just walk into a Sinatra song?"--Schanke to Janette

"What happens to a person when they leave the love of their lives looking for cheap, quick thrills?"--Schanke
"In my case, usually homicide."--Janette

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216 - The Fire Inside

"Ah, sarcasm. I know it well."--Schanke

"I tell ya, Nick. After facing this, Jenny's class doesn't look so bad, huh?"--Schanke

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217 - Amateur Night

"Why don't you take Schanke seriously? He's a real cop!"--Nick to Alix

"This job, it changes us! It sets us apart!"--Schanke

"Is there any way to take caffiene intravenously?"--Schanke

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218 - The Fix

"It's times like this, that I wished I practiced voodoo."--Schanke

"You look weird, man. You look all sunburned."--Schanke

"I think the gut feelin' is one of the bad hotdogs he had this morning."--Schanke

"Nick, get a grip! You're talking like a candidate for the rubber room!"--Schanke

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219 - Curiouser and Curiouser

"It's your favorite all night boogie man, the Nightcrawler, stabbed in the heart."-- Schanke to Nick

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220 - Beyond the Law

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221 - The Queen of Harps

"So what's this all about? And if your gonna say hunch, I'm gonna have to hit you!"--Schanke to Nick

"Silly me. I was F-nine-ing when I should have been F-ten-ing." --Schanke

"Genuine royalty. Even if he is 968th to the thrown." "Are you waiting for the magic word?"--Schanke

"Keep your teeth in, Jeeves. I'll get a phone warrant."--Schanke

"Yo, Spike. Where's the blower?"--Schanke

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222 - Close Call

"Since when did the academy start teaching cops to fly?"--Schanke

"A tan will do you good. What's a little sunburn?"--Schanke

"I took him home in the trunk of his car like he was so many groceries. I'm telling you, Natalie. He is just too weird."--Schanke

"If I sold my soul to the devil, he wouldn't make me sign so many forms."--Schanke

"I'm Lieutenant Tortoise, he's detective Hare."--Schanke

"Don't get all soft and runny on me, Captain. Nothing sticks to Teflon Don."--Schanke

"Need a rest. Need a rest. You are under arrest."--Schanke

"It worked. They made me forget and that's all I remember."--Schanke

"Okay... I'm here because I... I want to talk about Nicholas."-- Schanke
"What do you want to know?"-- Nightcrawler
"Is he a vampire? Are you?"-- Schanke
"You tell me."-- Nightcrawler
"Okay, I know, I know this is going to sound crazy, but lately, there's been a lot of weird stuff that just hasn't been adding up. Nick rides in the trunk, he can't go out in the sun, one minute he's here, the next minute he's gone, like a bat. Did you know, get this, that we found blood in his icebox?" --Schanke
"Human blood?"-- Nightcrawler
"No, he had blood from a steer."-- Schanke
"Oh."-- Nightcrawler
"I know, my sentiments exactly, that's what I said. He says he uses it for painting."-- Schanke
"Raphael showed him that."-- Nightcrawler
"Huh?"-- Schanke
"Tell me detective, what has changed in you to make these things so suddenly apparent?"-- Nightcrawler
"I dunno. I do know I had a real bad night last night."-- Schanke
"I know the feeling well." --Nightcrawler
"Do you? I got into a firefight, Nick could tell you all about it. I had to waste a guy."-- Schanke
"Awful thing, to waste people."-- Nightcrawler
"It is. I killed him. I had no choice."-- Schanke
"And how did you feel, Detective Schanke?"-- Nightcrawler
"How'd it make me feel? Not real good, I can tell you. I found out after that the guy had a family, you know? Maybe he was rotten to them, but I know that somewhere some kid is thinking about his dad, wondering what happened, wondering what life's going to be like without him."-- Schanke
"No, no, no, no, no, no. When you killed this man, did you feel a surge of strength within you, a burst of adrenaline?"-- Nightcrawler
"No. No. It wasn't anything like that. No matter what anybody says it wasn't anything like that. Well, I gotta admit, my heartwas beating like a rabbit. The guy did have the draw on me. You know, it would have been curtains if... if... if Nick wasn't there to save my ass. Oh, jeeze. Have I been an idiot! I've been running around all day butting my nose into Nick's affairs when the guy saved my life. I'm a first class fool." --Schanke
"You're tired, Detective. Under tremendous stress. Stress and trauma. Any shock to the system will prey on the imagination fill us with bizarre obsessions, fantasies if you like. "-- Nightcrawler
"Yeah, Yeah."-- Schanke
"Go home, detective. Go home to your family and let Nicholas be with his... Us. Janette and myself. We're the only family Nick has ever had." --Nightcrawler
"What're you saying, that he's adopted?"-- Schanke
"In a manner of speaking, yes." --Nightcrawler
"And um, he's not a... "--Schanke
"What do you think, really?" Nightcrawler
"I think I need a drink. Listen, ah, I just want to, ah, thank you for talking to me, Mr., ah, Mr., ah, Nightcrawler."-- Schanke
"Only a real pleasure, Don."-- Nightcrawler
"And, um, please, don't tell Nick about this...ever!" --Schanke
"Detective, you asked me if Nicholas is different. Au contraire. The Nicholas I know is very much like you. He doesn't like to kill people either." --Nightcrawler

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223 - Be My Valentine

"What, you get tanked and I missed it?"--Schanke to Nick

"I feel a sudden urge to renew my library card."--Schanke

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224 - The Code

"Holy Shi-cago!"--Schanke

"You guys are chasing rainbows and I'm splittin' from Oz. You're on your own. So long, Natalie. So long, Nick. It's been strange."--Schanke

"You know how sometimes you get so full of one life you want another?"--Schanke

"Friends, who needs them. Right Nick?"--Schanke

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225 - A More Permanent Hell

"No one's gonna tell me that humanity, that's evolved over hundreds of thousands of years, has survived wars, pestilence, disease - game shows - is going to be smashed into meaningless obscurity because some space trash took a wrong turn at Pluto."--Schanke

"Just watch your back, Nick."--Schanke

"Until the end? I don't know. Buy a doughnut franchise, learn Esperanto, wall paper my rec room with thousand dollar bills..."--Schanke

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226 - Blood Money

"Listen to me. I saw the winning numbers. They floated into my mind like a vision."--Schanke

"Yeah. Three stitches and a lot of luck, considering I was blown halfway to Buttonville."--Schanke

"Yeah, my name is Donald G. Schanke, and it’s Tuesday."--Schanke

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