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Souvlaki in a pita

2 lbs of lamb -- cut into 3/4" squares; leg of lamb preferred
2 medium red onions -- quartered and separated into "leaves"
3 green peppers -- cut into 1" squares
3 medium size hard red tomatoes -- quartered
1 8oz container of sour cream


Cut the lamb and marinate for about 3-6 hours in red wine, a chopped onion and a bit of olive oil (don't forget a clove of garlic, it builds the blood!). (You can experiment later by making a more complex marinade.)

Cut up the onions, peppers and tomatoes as above and string on skewers with the lamb. Grill over a medium hot barbecue, turning frequently until done.

Now for the good part: Take a pita, open it, and spread the inside with a couple of tablespoons of sour cream. Un-skewer the lamb and vegetables and place on top of the sour cream. Add some more sour cream if desired, add some finely chopped red onions and liberally sprinkle with paprika. The sour cream and paprika are a real foil for the pungency of the lamb.

For a more traditional recipe (something Myra might cook at home)

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I'd like to thank Cousin Kimberly for her help in finding this recipe as well as many others. {Thanks!!!}

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