Marci Cheeseman and Judy Freudenthal

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WAR: NNPack - Closure
In Memory of Marci Cheeseman & Judy Freudenthal
Susan B. & NNPack
Sunday, November 21, 2004
7:30 AM - 9:00 AM

Pruning shears and rake in hand, Soulseeker stood gazing at the back garden.  
The fallen leaves, combined with the near-bare branches of a few
overgrown shrubs, made it appear unkempt. When a gust of wind spread the
branches of a maple tree directly overhead, its few remaining brightly coloured
leaves fell down around her. A glimpse of vivid pink near the back of the
garden drew her eye towards one of the rose bushes they had planted during
the last War. Not the rich red Scarlet Knight whose blooming season had passed;
but the Duchesse deBrabant, a beautiful pink rose that bloomed right up until
early winter. Soul wandered towards it. The flowers were smaller now than
they would have been under the summer's sun, but they were beautiful all the
same. "It's the perfect place," she said, "and this is where I'll start."
The grass beneath the leaves was still green, and each tug of the rake added
more life to the lawn. A good pruning back of the deciduous shrubs made the
evergreens seem larger, the junipers bluer, and the small-leafed
cotoneasters even more laden with thick red berries. Soul stepped back to
examine the finished product and, satisfied, returned to the theatre.  She
and the rest of the N&Ners emerged a few minutes later with a small cart
that they towed down to the roses. With a trowel, Laila carefully scraped
away a patch of sod, and then everyone, using the cart as a positioning
device, laboured to set the small white marble obelisk in place.  Measuring
almost a foot square at the bottom, it came to a point two feet from the ground.
"For Marci," Soulseeker said, "our video editor extraordinare, and Keeper of
the Satin Sheets."
"Who unknowingly dyed my hair a bright magenta," Laila added.
"And who put together the best Tex-Mex meal we've ever had during a War!"
"Who else would stick her hand up a fibreglass moose?"
Soulseeker paused. "And for Natpacker, Judy."
"Who enjoyed making hot chocolate for Nat!"
"Who spent sooooo much time at salons!"
"And who was in my room the night my hair was dyed purple!" Emily exclaimed.
"That's right," Soul said, "and do you all remember when we hacked into the
Natpack's website and replaced all of Nat's photos with Nick&Nat photos?"
The assembled Nick&Natpackers nodded.
"She thought they were good pictures!"
- - - -
The theatre garden is open to any friends of Marci or Judy who would like to
stop by in their posts before they leave or on they way home.

(Archiving permission received from Libby, 11/21/04 at 19:17) From: Libratsie@AOL.COM Date: Sun Nov 21, 2004 2:34:20 PM US/Eastern To: FKFIC-L@LISTS.PSU.EDU Subject: War: RP: In Memory of Two Malinky Droogs (01/01) Reply-To: Libratsie@AOL.COM WAR: RP: in Memory of Two Malinky Droogs (01/01) In Memory of Marci Cheeseman & Judy Freudenthal Libby S. Singleton Sunday, November 21, 2004 Sometime after 9 a.m. when the coast is clear NNP HQ Memorial Garden All people used with permission The Ratpack plus Jen, the Natpacker stuck their heads around the corner into the garden. "The coast is clear," Chris said. "I don't understand why we're being so careful about being seen," Jen said. "The memorial to Marci and Judy is open to anyone." "Cuz tha's wot people expect h'us ta dew," Libs explained. "Be h'all sneaky an' stuff." "Oh, I see..." Jen murmered, not understanding at all. Johnsie, Libs, Chris, and Tessa each placed a handful of small rubber mice with ribbons around their necks among the flowers and other tributes. "Oi met Marci h'in person once," Libs said sadly. "She wuz quite the malinky droog, h'alwayz 'ad a kind word fer everyone, h'even the ratsie sorts." "Tha's the truth o' h'it," Johnsie said. "Good souls, they were, the both o' them." "Yeah," Chris and Tessa said, nodding in unison. The four of them bowed their heads as Jen moved forward to place a more traditional assortment of flowers plus a scrub clad teddy bear among the memorials. "Here's to the wonderful memories of Judy and Marci." The five Forever Knight fans looked at each other, then did the only thing Ratpackers plus a misplaced Natpacker could do in such a solemn situation. They began bouncing. They bounced all around the garden, then bounced on their way out the gate. They bounced in memory and smiled through their tears. --end--

(Archiving permission received from Kimmer, 11/21/04 at 18:17) From: kimmer Sent: Nov 21, 2004 6:42 PM To: FKFIC-L@LISTS.PSU.EDU Subject: WAR: DieHards: "Good-bye to Marci & Judy" DieHards Faction "Good-bye to Marci & Judy" by Kimmer takes place at the N&NPack's Theatre Garden Sunday afternoon, November 21st, 2004 The delivery truck pulled up with the four DieHard members solemnly climbing out. They had quickly removed new museum acquistions, locking them in the basement, changed their clothes and climbed into the truck to make a special delivery of their own. Walking to the area where other factions had left their memorials, the DieHards had a few moments of silence to think about Marci and Judy, their participation in past wars, and their fanfiction. One by one, they placed their offerings down. Dory left beautiful yellow roses and a plate of cookies. Chanda had parted with one of her precious bears, and left a potted mum. Don left a beautiful vase of lillies and a poetry book, and Kimmer left a large autumn arrangement and two small bean bag kittycats. The sadness of their loss was lessened by the joy and gratitude they all felt in their hearts at having Marci and Judy in the fandom. Forever remembered........ end of story

(Archiving permission received from Kyoko Godaikun, 11/26/04 at 04:07) From: MRKKaye@AOL.COM Date: Sun Nov 21, 2004 5:49:00 PM US/Eastern To: FKFIC-L@LISTS.PSU.EDU Subject: WAR:Knighties: Never Forgotten Reply-To: MRKKaye@AOL.COM Posted for Kat Never Forgotten By Knightie Katrinka Date: 11/21/2004 Time: Sometime midmorning Lost friends, the Knighties had lost two friends. The loss had put a pale on the war. Even though the war had been a happy time, it had a bittersweet edge. The Knighties went to the Memorial in the van. They weren't sure of what they would see when they arrived. They found a tasteful garden. "I thought we were going to a service." Gemsong was holding a box of roses. "Not exactly." Brooksie told the Knighties. "Each faction is allowed to remember Marci and Judy in their own way." "First, we'll add our stone to the garden." Nancy said. "Then if we want, we can say words about Marci and Judy." Katrinka took the stone out of the box. She set it in a corner of the garden. "They must have loved this garden" Sandra was the first to speak. She took a midnight rose out of the box and laid it beside the Knighties stone. "Judy and I emailed each other a few times in the past. Mostly about our fiction. I will miss her." "I didn't know them very well. But I did respect their fiction." Katrinka put her rose beside Sandra's. "I will miss the happiness their stories gave me." "The world will not be the same without you." Debbi said as she set down her rose. "We will never forget you." Lisa put her rose down, then stood for several seconds thinking. "I...." Eowyn began to cry she set her flower down and went to the back of the group. One by one the rest of the Knighties set a rose down. Some had words to say others remained silent. All of them thought of what the stone said. It was one simple message. "Peace" After their ceremony, the Knighties stood silently thinking of their lost friends. Then with a signal from their leader, the Knighties left without saying another word.

(Archiving permission received from Christy, 11/21/04 at 20:29) From: Christy Stillman Date: Sun Nov 21, 2004 9:07:47 PM US/Eastern To: FKFIC-L@LISTS.PSU.EDU Subject: WAR:NA:Remembrance (1/1) Reply-To: Christy Stillman WAR:NA:Remembrance (1/1) Time: After the bar fight and Soup's On! Place: Memorial Garden by Christy Stillman The Nunkies Anonymous faction and friends were unusally somber as they entered the pretty little garden. Already several memorial tributes to Marci and Judy were piled neatly by the stone. As they gathered around the memorial, Christy spoke. "At the end of the last War, we had a fictional memorial service for Patt," she began. "Little did we know that by the time we would all meet once again in fictional Toronto, two of our FK family would require a true memorial." She paused. "I didn't have a lot of time to read fanfic, but I was always impressed by what Marci and Judy wrote. Since I generally lurked on the main list, I hardly knew them as anything other than a sig line at the bottom of a post." She looked around at the friends gathered together. "But they were our Sisters in the Fandom, and I'd like for us to take a moment to think about them and the joy their fiction brought to those who read it and to remember those people who knew them well who are missing them right now." There was a moment of silence, then Patt laid two bouquets of long- stemmed white roses wrapped with peach-colored ribbon at the base of the stone. Tied to the end of each ribbon was a small peach carved from amber. As quietly as they had entered, the Addicts and Ala-Addicts turned and left the garden.

(Archiving permission received from Laila, 12/02/04 at 05:51) From: muselaw Date: Mon Nov 22, 2004 9:34:40 PM US/Eastern To: FKFIC-L@LISTS.PSU.EDU Subject: WAR: NNPack - The Bird in Question Reply-To: muselaw War: NNPack: The Bird in Question 01/01 Place: NNPack HQ When: Late Monday afternoon, November 22nd By: Laila HaNassi Laila hefted her ridiculously overstuffed luggage onto the floor and rummaged through the mass of little plastic drugstore bags she still had to deal with until she found what she was looking for. " *Why* can I never pack efficiently for these wars!?" she grumbled. " It's always the one thing that can fix everything that you decided to leave on the dining table." She poked around until she felt familiar shapes and grabbed what she needed. Carrying her small bundle, Laila passed by her fellow NNPackers as they chatted and packed in preparation for their departure from Toronto. She had one task to accomplish before calling her uncle to come and pick up Sophia. The bird flew after her and perched on her shoulder, a custom that had caused the Dark-Nick-and Natpacker to leave her hair braided for the duration of the war. Laila wrapped the owl's leather tether securely around her gloved left wrist and walked out into the memorial garden. "If you're going to sit there for this, I expect you to behave" Laila quietly told Sophia. In apparent response, the bird tucked down its large head, settled its talons deeper into the thick nap of her mistress' jacket, and stilled into immobility. Laila knelt next to the obelisk and untied the scarf she'd been carrying, spreading out some of the things she'd need, and placing the rest into her pockets. She proceeded slowly and spoke softly, so that anyone standing behind her probably would have been unable to see or hear. Finally she sat down and spoke to Marci and Judy from her heart, words that were for them alone to hear. Marci was her first friend in the fandom. Laila had joined soon after her father died, and Marci especially had helped Laila heal from her own loss. It was a gift for which Laila would always be grateful. She cried a little, but continued to speak a few more words and then stood, with Sophia still at her perch. The air was still and soft, and smelled of spices and flowers. Laila stayed with her head bowed for a few moments, and then collected her belongings. The mourner and her owl turned and walked back to the theater, leaving behind a glass-enclosed candle glowing in its damp hollow near the obelisk, surrounded by a number of small stones. She turned back once more, smiled and waved, and re-entered the building. Laila composed herself, freed Sophia from her tether, reached for her cell phone and called her uncle. A few nearby NNPackers saw her tears and came to hug Laila, which the normally private attorney gratefully accepted. After a moment or two, Laila smiled. Some of the others began to giggle, then to cackle outright. Laila's uncle chose that moment to answer the phone. "Halloooo! Ven do you vahnt me to pick up Sophia?" The bird in question had made its way to sit atop Laila's green suitcase and was repeatedly and rapidly pecking at Laila's still-unpacked 'Nick bobblehead' doll, making it bounce up and down again and again. "Uncle Ioann, if, say, someone were to want to transport an owl to Texas, how would one go about it? And by the way, no rush on the pickup..." May their memories be for a blessing Laila HaNassi DNN, N&NNuts muselaw@earthlink.net

(Archiving permission received from Anne, 12/02/04 at 01:50) From: Anne Jensen Date: Tue Nov 23, 2004 1:06:59 AM US/Eastern To: FKFIC-L@LISTS.PSU.EDU Subject: WAR: DP: On Such a Winter's Day (1/1) Reply-To: Anne Jensen Title: DP: On Such a Winter's Day (1/1) Place: Toronto Time: Monday, November 22 by Anne Jensen (ajensen@west.net) with input from J.L. and Robin The war was ending, J.L.'s car had been delivered (repaired!), and even everyone's colds were finally going away. It was time to go home. "Need a ride to the airport?" J.L. asked, as Anne was lugging her suitcase downstairs. "Love one, thanks!" Anne said. Anne, J.L. and Robin waved good-bye to the DPs who were staying and drove off down the mansion driveway. "Do you mind? There's one stop I need to make." Anne said. "Sure," Robin said, when she'd explained what it was. J.L. added, "We'll join you." The back garden of the NNP theater was quiet and cold, but filled with a different kind of warmth from the flowers and tributes that other fans had left before them. "Did you know? In the Dark Perks' very first war, Marci took scuba gear along when the NNP attacked the mansion, in case someone had to swim in the jello." Anne commented with a soft smile. "I'd forgotten that. We tied Judy to a chair that war. And then last war, when Eric thought he was a rabbit, Judy gave him a lift." "Shana would be here if she could," Anne added, and set down a bouquet of twelve dark pink roses. "Forever in our thoughts," J.L. murmured. Getting back into the car, Anne looked around the city. "Now what am I forgetting?" "Brownie pans?" Robin asked. "Cleaning supplies? Tattoos of perky coffee pots?" "No..." Anne frowned, then gasped. "Not again! Partly and the War 8 Perks!" Oh well, there was always next war. End. Virtual brownies to all with "affection" from the Dark Perks! -- Anne Jensen DP/Perk Co-leader