The Forever Knight Fanzine List

Compiled by Mary Anne Espenshade (mae@aplexus.jhuapl.edu).
Contact me for more information or if you have a zine you would like added to the list.

The zines are listed in alphabetical order. Since one editor may have several zines, the editors and publishers addresses are listed in a separate section. Each title has a link to the ordering address. The (Top) links on each section header bring you back to this index list.

Once a zine has been published, it stays on this list, even after it goes out of print. That way you know what to look for in second-hand (pre-enjoyed!) zine boxes at cons. Don't overlook those, you can find lots of things you missed the first time around.

New! Notes for the October 1996 update:

I found this neat "dripping blood" line on P.L. Montgomery's FK page - Forever Knight Forever, and just had to use it for something. I'll be at the zine con Eclecticon Nov. 8-10, looking to add zine number 1000 (and up!) to my collection. Hope to see some of you zine collectors there!
Updated entries are marked with a o.
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o Ordering Addresses

Forever Knight Newsletters and Letterzines (Top)

The Raven

Newsletter edited by Amy Hull, $11 per half year, $12 in Canada

Knightly News

Newsletter of the Forever Knight Fan Club

Television Times

"Television Times is small press newsletter/ magazine that is an alternative to TV Guide. It has program and cast information about the shows bigger, slicker magazines miss. The syndicated shows, lesser known cast members, reviews of shows, criticism of the media itself and hopefully, interviews with people in the business that will make you think. (gasp! horror! just what industry people don't want you to do)."

"This first issue features articles and photos about Forever Knight, Due South and Highlander."

"Television Times is printed monthly, a years subscription is $8 US and $10 Canadian. To receive a complimently issue e-mail your snail mail address to Ailsa McLaughlin."

Published Fiction Fanzines (Top)

o Amantes de la Noche (Lovers of the Night)

Marg Baskin has put together a Third-season zine, featuring fiction by Debra Fiorini ("Surprises"), Christina Kamnikar ("Protect and Serve"), Le Phantom ("Somewhere in the Night"), J.S. Levin ("The Other Side of Life" & "Reunion"), Gabriel McFarlane ("The Other Games Vampires Play" & "Waiting for the Sun"), Bonnie Purdoe ("Septicemia" & "A Little Death"), Jamie Melody Randell ("Possible Futures" & "Vachon"), Melissa Taylor ("Grief"), Nancy Warlocke ("And They Lived Happily Ever After") and more. Age statement required. 185 pgs. Cover and interior art by Heather Bruton. A second is issue planned. Price: $17ppd US/Canada; $20 OS.

The Bargain

Written by Christine Hunt, nominated for 1996 FanQ - FK Stand-Alone Zine. I think this is available from Peg Kennedy, but I don't have a current price.

Bedtime Stories from the Dead of Winter

A zine containing the winners from the story and poetry contests at Dead of Winter '95, from the Forever Knight Fan Club, 27pp., available for $6 from Fenris House.

Biting Satire, or Forever Knight Lite!

A big binder of nonsense, funny stuff and cartoons by Pam Jensen, now (6/96) out of print.

Dark Confessions

Tracy Essam edits a zine of interview-sytle stories.

Daydreams and Knightmares

A two-sided story collection by Susan Garrett, 5/95, $7. The Daydreams have happy endings and the Knightmares are tragic, including two versions of one story.
Winner of 1996 FanQ - FK Zine

The Devil You Know

Digest size zine novel by R. A. Johnston, 62pp. Second season characters, LaCroix meets someone who reminds him of Fleur. Published by Fenris House, 1996, $6 bookrate, $8 first class.

o Dreaming of the Knight

Zine novel by Susan Garrett, cover by Ann Larimer, 3/94, 80pp, out of print (8/96) Nominated for 1994 FK Zine FanQ.

False Heart

Zine novel about Dorian, the vampire archivist, by Susan Garrett, cover by Ann Larimer, 5/94, 120pp, $10. Winner of the 1995 FK Zine FanQ.


Highlander, Forever Knight and FK/HL crossover fiction, edited by Tara O'Shea, US funds only, write Forever on the check.

o Forever Cat Tales

Celeste Hotaling-Lyons has put together a zine of FK stories about cats, 108 pages, $10 + $3 postage. The zine project was started on the FK mailing list to pay for an operation to fix the badly healed broken leg of a stray kitten Celeste took in, but the leg healed as he grew and he no longer needs the operation. Instead, the money will go to the Melrose Humane Society.

o Forever Net

The best collected stories from the Internet Forever Knight writers, compiled by and available from Valery King.

Forever Yours

Tracy Essam edits the Forever Knight Fan Club of Canada fanzines. Adult material is OK, but no slash. Prices below are for non-members, US or Canada, club members get a discount. There are also many special-topic zines, listed separately here.

Good Guys Wear Fangs

A collection of mixed media and original universe vampire stories edited by Mary Ann McKinnon. (available from Peg Kennedy)

The Heart Has Its Reasons

A zine novel by Jamie Melody Randell, 5/95, 68pp, $8 in person or $10 by mail from Nanci Casad

It's a Wonderful Unlife

A Christmas parody story by R. A. Johnston, illustrated (with some really nifty cartoons) by Jayne A. Largent, digest size, 50pp., $6 from Fenris House.

Just My Type

A mixed media collection of vampire stories (includes adult and slash), edited by Mysti Frank. (also available from Peg Kennedy)

Kind Soul

A sequel to False Heart by Susan Garrett, cover by Ann Larimer (Winner of the 1996 FanQ for FK Artist), 2/95, 194, $13.
Winner of 1996 FanQ - FK Stand-Alone Zine


digest-size adult zine of short stories and poetry, available from Fenris House. This has been coming out twice a year recently, the current deadlines are Feb. 15 and July 15 annually. Covers by Frank Liltz are also available on T-shirts. Each issue is $5 in person, $6 bookrate, $8 first class or $9 foreign.

Knight's Past

133 pp, spiral bound, $12.50 from Peg Kennedy. Edited by Denyse' Bridger. This was intended to be stories from Nick's past, but turned into more of a LaCroix zine. Includes more of Denyse's series about Gabrielle from Knightbeat.

o Knight Shift

This zine from Bea Quindlen is a fund raiser for GWD's fan club charity - the DC Children's Hospital. Most of the stories come from the FKFIC-L fan fiction mailing list.

Knight Time

Adult zine, edited by Gina Alkazian, also available from Peg Kennedy

Leap Into Knight

A QL/Forever Knight novella, digest size, 74 pp, by Sandy Hall and Sharon Wisdom, $5.50 (also available from Peg Kennedy)
Winner of the 1995 FanQ for Multi-Fandom Stand Alone Zine.

Let There Be Light

A short story by Victoria Stratford, beautifully (at least to this Knightie!) resolving the ending of Last Knight, written and published in the week after the show aired. A small (18 pp.) digest zine, $4, available from Peg Kennedy.

Lizards in the Grass

An Australian zine novel by Karen Miller, edited by Mary GT Webber (eudorad@extro.ucc.su.oz.au) 145pp, 1/95. Available in the US from Susan Garrett for $11.
Nominated for 1996 FanQ - FK Stand-Alone Zine

A Little Knight Music

A sequel to Dreaming of the Knight by Jude Wilson, 2/95, 100pp, $13, cover by Ann Larimer. Available from Susan Garrett
Nominated for 1996 FanQ - FK Stand-Alone Zine

On the Wings of the Knight

Ann Hupe, editor, available from Peg Kennedy


Available from Tracy Essam for $6.50.

o Rubies Red as Blood... and Other Stories

Digest size, 74 pages, available 8/96 from Darlene Rutherford, $10 by 1st class mail. Contains 3 stories and 2 poems. Money raised is for Children's Hospital, the GWD Fan Club charity.

Samskar and sequels

Zine novels (adult) by gh coyote, available from Fenris House. Each volume is $5 in person, $6 bookrate, $8 first class or $9 foreign.

The Serpent's Kiss

A third-season Forever Knight novel by Marg Baskin, mild adult content. 100 pgs. Cover by Heather Bruton. $14ppd US/Canada; $17 overseas.
A rogue vampire is loose in Toronto, threatening the safety of the Community with nightly kills. While Nick hunts the rogue in secret, Tracy pursues the case in her own way, aided reluctantly by Vachon. The complications of spending time with a mortal become the least of Vachon's problems when circumstances conspire to make him the prime suspect in Nick's investigation.

Sins of the Fathers

An FK novella by T. Beaty, 94pp, 1996. Available from Kathryn Agel. Set at the very beginning of second season, Schanke and Nick are working for Capt. Cohen, but Nick doesn't know Lacroix is back yet. An Enforcer with a past grudge against Lacroix and his children comes to Toronto looking for Nick.

Spyder's Web

A zine novel by Jamie Melody Randell, 11/95, 78pp, digest size, $5 in person or US $6.00 mailed within the United States, US $7.00 mailed to Canada, US $9.00 elsewhere

Tales from the Raven

Edited by Christine Hunt. 140 pp, $12 from Peg Kennedy

o This End Will Serve

Sharon Himmanen, a frequent contributer to the FK Fiction Mailing List, has put together her first zine: a 101 page, digest size novel, post "Last Knight". PG-13 for violent situations. Cost is $3.50 by mail, $2.00 in person, checks and money orders payable to Sharon.

A Touch of Forever

A collection of stories edited by Denyse Bridger, 242 pp, 2/96. Available for $20 from Peg Kennedy

Training Mission

Zine novel written by and available from Ron Katz, $6. Artwork by Nelson Marty. She has another one coming out for Eclecticon '96 in the fall.
"Nick is faced with a double dilemma - dealing with a vampire enemy from his past and two US Federal Marshalls who are in Toronto pursuing a serial killer they pursued there from the US. What he doesn't realize is just how closely the two sources of his troubles are connected.....!"

Waiting for Eternity

Available from Tracy Essam for $5.50.

When We Weep

Digest size zine novel, set in 14th centure Venice, by Cyndi Bayless Overstreet, 70pp. Published by Fenris House, 1996, $6 bookrate, $8 first class.
' "This is a word I never thought I'd hear myself utter in conjunction with you, Nicholas. Shameless." LaCroix's eyes passed with disapproval over his brightly-clad physique, the slim-fit short tunic, the skin-tight bicolor hose that left nothing to the imagination. '
Now there's an image for all those female Knighties out there to drool over!

Zines in the Planning Stages (Top)

Alternate Beginnings

A zine of alternate origins storys from Tracy Essam, planned to publish fall '96.

Character Zines

Tracy Essam is seeking submissions (deadline 1/30/95) for a series of zines devoted to each major character of FK (well, first and second season anyway!). She's primarily looking for insight and character exploration.

The Company of Night

Marg Baskin is looking for stories focusing on the new third-season characters, especially Vachon and Tracy. Submissions up to "R" rating, any length (longer stories very welcome!) Plot- or character-driven stories. * Email her with questions or for more detailed guidelines. Tentatively planning to publish for MediaWestCon 1997.

Endless Love

Tracy Essam is putting together a collection of love stories where one character is one of the FK vampires, (No slash) to be published 3/96.

Everything But...

Tiffany White ( * vampkira@accucomm.net) is seeking Forever Knight story submissions for her multimedia zine. It will be available from Peg Kennedy.

Forever Knight Cookbook

Tracy Essam is collecting recipes for this.

Forever Undecided

Tracy Essam is planning this humour zine for summer '96.

Holiday Knights

Tracy Essam is planning this zine of holiday themed stories.


Tracy Essam is planning this zine of adult (no /) stories.

If the Walls Could Talk!

Tracy Essam is planning this zine of stories told through the "eyes" of an object. (?!)

Music of the Knight

Tracy Essam is planning this zine of music-based stories.

Once Upon a Knight

Tracy Essam is seeking submissions (deadline 1/30/96) for a series of zines covering each century of Nick's life.

Impossible Knight

Tracy Essam is seeking submissions (deadline 7/10/95) for a zine of stories the series wouldn't tell.

Knight in My Veins

Liz A. Vogel is seeking submissions (5/95) for her new Forever Knight fanzine, general fiction, G to R rated.

Knightly Tales

An adult zine from Tricia Deneault. Age statement required.

o Sweet Revenge

Tippi Blevins has cancelled this zine.

To Die For

Ann Wortham is planning a new zine, aiming for a May 1996 publication at the latest. Write or email for submission guidelines.

Toujours Lacroix

Celeste Hotaling-Lyons and Laurie Cohen Fenster are seeking submissions for their new fanzine focusing on Lacroix. Submissions may be typed or on disk. Deadlines are 1/15/96 for writers and 2/1/96 for artists, with publication planned for 5/96.

From their flyer:
"We are currently accepting stories, poetry and artwork that focus on Lucien Lacroix: his past and present, his relationships with Nicholas and Janette, anything that sheds some light on this complex character."


Laurie Salopek is looking for stories and illustrations for a one-shot FK zine, deadline July 15, 1996, with publication planned for the fall. It will be sold at Bridging the Knight, a FK Con being held in San Ramon, CA, January 17-19, 1997. All money raised will go to charity.
  1. Content must be G or PG.
  2. Electronic submissions only
  3. Formats: Word (Mac, IBM), WordPerfect or plain text. Please write on the disk which format it is.
  4. Include a 3"x5" card with the title of your piece, your name and address (including email).
  5. Black and white illustrations only, send digitized if you can, but she has a scanner.
  6. Send a SASE if you want your disk or art returned.
For more information on the con, check out their web page.

untitled zine

Nanci Casad is looking for submissions for a new FK zine. Stories, poetry and artwork needed, SASE for guidelines.

What Ever Happened To ...

Tracy Essam is seeking submissions (deadline 7/10/95) for a zine about one-shot characters from the series' episodes.

Whom Gods have Favoured

Tracy Essam is planning to publish this zine of Lacroix stories, summer '96.

Without a Trace

Mysti Frank actually likes "death stories", so she is working on a zine called "Done to Death". When she asked her regular contributors what character they would like to kill off in a story, the overwhelming favorite answer was "Tracy Vetter!", so Mysti decided to spin off an entire zine devoted to "Kill Tracy" stories. Send her your favorite way to get rid of Tracy. (She is still planning this in spite of Tracy's "condition" at the end of the series.)

Other Items (Top)

Pictures of some of these items can be found on The Forever Knight Fan Merchandice Page

CERK Radio Station T-Shirts and Bumperstickers

Ron Katz has black T-shirts with the CERK logo on the front and "Nightwatch with the Nightcrawler" on the back, L or XL for $13, 2XL or 3XL for $16, while supplies last (5/95). Bumperstickers are $2.50 or 5 for $10.


The Forever Knight Concordance by Pam Jensen from Fenris House. Contains detailed episode guide, credit lists, maps, historical appendix, timeline, bios, by season.
Barbara Fister-Liltz is looking for someone interested in compiling a complete concordance of all three seasons and the original film:
If this project appeals to you, please submit your concept on structure and your proposal on writing and completing the book to us - kindly include a phone/FAX number if this is possible - we are NOT seeking a novelisation! We want a simple, straightforward, clear and concise writer's guide and episode guide with credits. All correspondence will be kept confidential. We will not advertise until the entire project has been completed.

The Forever Knight Companion

James Van Hise, writer of many SF TV information books, is putting this together for Belfry Books. Watch the bookstores.

Jade Cup

Diane Echelbarger has a friend who does custom ceramics. She created a replica of the jade cup in Dark Knight. They were sold at MediaWest and also by mail, but I don't have an address yet. The cup is cast ceramic, 4" high by 4" wide, glazed, and safe for food or drink. Washable, drink-out-able, and generally usable.
Price: $17 at MediaWest, $20 shipped USPS, more for UPS.

Janette Songs

A member of Deborah Duchene's fan club, Kari Tieger, has written a song for Deb called "Rise Up, Love". It is about Janette's love for Nick. She is currently working on a 3-song vampire project, which includes this song. She plans to have them available on cassette by late summer/early fall for $6.25 (including s&h;).

Keeper of the King

This really doesn't have anything directly to do with FK, but Nigel Bennett and P.N. Elrod are co-writing a series of vampire novels. The first one, Keeper of the King, will be published in January 1997 by Baen Books.
The Last Defender of Camelog Must Begin Anew His Quest for the Grail


The Forever Knight pro novel series is scheduled to begin publication next year from Ace. Three books are planned so far.
  1. A Stirring of Dust by Susan Sizemore (4/97).
  2. Intimations of Mortality by FORKNI-L's own Susan Garrett! (10/97)

Picture Buttons

Laura Peck makes picture buttons, 3 1/4 inch diameter, from tele-pics and photos, $5.00 each, plus postage.

Saying Buttons

Nancy Lebovitz makes lots and lots of witty buttons, on every topic imaginable, in many colors and lettering fonts. Some FK-specific ones are "I worked late on my birthday and nobody brought ME a cute vampire!" and "Nick Knight: Taking a bite out of crime, forever" Her catalog is available by email or on paper ($1 for the current catalog, $2 for the giant, unpruned version). You can have custom buttons made as well. Price varies by quantity.


Nanci Casad has added a collection of FK-related articles and reviews to the collections she has done for Quantum Leap.

Soundtrack CD

Composer Fred Mollin has collected his music for the series on the Forever Knight Soundtrack CD, released in March 1996 by GNP Crescendo for $12.95 + $3 shipping. Call them at 800-654-7029 or check your local music store. It also includes four Nightcrawler interludes spoken by Nigel Bennett and songs from the Raven. Listen to it in the dark!

"Trio" T-Shirt

Artwork by Warren Oddsson, available from Peg Kennedy. LaCroix is front center, with Nick and Janette behind him. White silkscreen on Black T-shirt. M-XL $18.00, 2X $20.00, 3X $22.00


Shirts with artwork by Frank Liltz are available from Fenris House, in sizes L, XL and XXL, the color descriptions are from the catalog. $12 in person, $14 first class or $16 foreign (XXL - $15/$17). These are georgous! (Frank's art is also available as matted prints and he will consider commissions, contact him for details.)

Clubs (Top)

Forever Knight Fan Club

c/o Lora Haines
P.O. Box 1228
Boston, MA 02130-0011
Membership Cost: $20 per year in US, US$22 per year in Canada, US$27 elsewhere. Their newsletter is Knightly News.
* fkfcpres@aol.com

The First Forever Knight Fan Club of Canada

c/o Tracy Essam
302 Roselawn Avenue
Toronto, Ontario M4R 1G1
Membership Cost: CA$25 per year in Canada, US$20 in US, US$24 elsewhere

Les Enfants de LaCroix

1680 44th Street, SouthEast
Number 88091
Grand Rapids, MI 49518-0091
Membership Cost: $13 per year in US, $15 per year in Canada, $20 per year elsewhere

The Geraint Wyn Davies Fan Club

c/o Rosemary Shad
4133 Glendale Road
Woodbridge, VA 22193
Membership Cost: $16 per year in US, $20 per year elsewhere
* rosorge@aol.com

The Nigel Bennett Fan Club

c/o Star Urioste
P.O. Box 55572
Hayward, CA 94545-0572
Membership Cost: $18 first year, $15 each additional year
* starfrost@aol.com

The John Kapelos Fan Club

c/o Cal Lynn
P.O. Box 11617
Alexandria, VA 22312
Fax:  703-671-8786
Membership Cost: $10 in US, $12 in Canada and $15 elsewhere.
* c.lynn@genie.geis.com

Deborah Duchene Fan Club

c/o Peggy Religa
960 Junesong Way
San Jose, CA 95133-1120
* JReliga@aol.com
For information, send an SASE to the above address.
Annual Membership Fee: $18 U.S.A./ $21 Canada / $27 Elsewhere (make checks payable to: The Deborah Duchene Fan Club/Peggy Religa, US Funds only)
Membership Packet Includes: Couples fees are $27/$31.50/$40.50 respectively. This membership packet includes an additional:

Ben Bass Fan Club

c/o Laura Waskey
2312 Riverview Rd
Baltimore, MD 21221
* KHHK71A@prodigy.com
For information, send an SASE to the above address.
Membership Cost: $17 in US, $20 outside US, Make checks or money orders payable to Laura Waskey.
Membership includes:

Ordering Addresses (Top)

Kathryn Agel
Sins of the Fathers
Criterion Press
9-11 Ayres Court
Bayonne, NJ 07002-3510

Gina Alkazian				Knight Time
17351 Mayall Street
Northridge, CA 91325

Marg Baskin				Amantes de la Noche
28 Woolwich St. S.			The Company of Night
Kitchener, Ont.				The Serpent's Kiss
* marg@golden.org
Tippi Blevins				Sweet Revenge
Night Sky Publications
P.O. Box 1511
Pasadena, TX 77501
* TippiNB@aol.com
Nanci Casad				The Heart Has Its Reasons
P.O. Box 49				FK/GWD Scrapbook
Savoy, IL 61874-0049			untitled zine
* Intertwined@webtv.net
Tricia Deneault				Knightly Tales
P.O. Box 334
Lisbon Falls, ME 04251
* tdeneault@aol.com
Tracy Essam				Alternate Beginnings
302 Roselawn Avenue			Character Zines
Toronto ON				Dark Confessions
Canada					Endless Love
M4R 1G1					FK Cookbook
					Forever Undecided
					Forever Yours
					Holiday Knights
					If the Walls Could Talk
					Impossible Knight
					Music of the Knight
					Once Upon a Knight
					Waiting for Eternity
					What Ever Happened To ...
					Whom Gods Have Favoured
Story submissions - IBM compatible, MS WORKS, can also read WordPerfect, Windows Write, or ASCII. Submissions on disc are preferred, if you can manage it--if not, that's okay too. Both 3.5" and 5.25" discs are acceptable.
Send a SASE and $1 to Tracy for a catalog of zines.
Laurie Cohen Fenster			Toujours Lacroix
308 East 38th St.
Paterson, NJ 07504

Fenris House - Special Services Unltd	Bedtime Stories from the Dead of Winter
Barbara Fister-Liltz			Biting Satire
8601A W. Cermak Road			Concordance
North Riverside, IL 60546		The Devil You Know
					It's a Wonderful Unlife
					When We Weep
Catalog available for a $0.64 SASE, they also publish mixed media zines and original fiction and art.
Mystery Frank (Mysti)			Just My Type
o NEW ADDRESS, 10/96
1906 Alto Vista Ave.			Without a Trace
Baltimore, MD 21207-5242
* m.frank7@genie.com
Susan M. Garrett			Daydreams and Knightmares
Penguin Press				Dreaming of the Knight
14B Terrace Ct.				False Heart
Toms River, NJ 08753			Kind Soul
					Lizards in the Grass
					A Little Knight Music
* susang@vitinc.com
Sandy Hall				Leap Into Knight
4819 B Meadow Lark Lane
Columbia, MO 65201

Sharon Himmanen				This End Will Serve
2955 Grand Concourse, Apt. A-43
Bronx, NY  10468

* romana@mindspring.com

Celeste Hotaling-Lyons			Forever Cat Tales
28 Chestnut St.				Toujours Lacroix
Everett, Massachusetts 02149

Amy Hull				The Raven
113 Adeline Drive, Apt. 4
Belleville, IL 62221
* amyhull@freenet.scri.fsu.edu
Ron Katz				Training Mission
P.O. Box 84				CERK T-Shirt & Bumper stickers
Franklin Park, NJ 08823-0084
* Questinc@aol.com
Peg Kennedy + Linda Knights		The Bargain
New Leaf Productions			Forever
413B 19th St, Suite 121			Knight's Past
Lynden, WA 98264			Knight Time
					Leap Into Knight
					Let There Be Light
					On the Wings of the Knight
					Tales from the Raven
					A Touch of Forever
					Trio T-shirt
These folks distribute lots of zines and edit some themselves, they took over for Bill Hupe, long time zine publisher. Send a SASE their huge catalog and for postage rates, the prices for their zines on this list do not include postage. They now also have email and you can get an electronic version of their catalog.
* firefox@nas.com - Peg or * lknight@nas.com - Linda
Valery King  				Forever Net
InterKnight Press
P.O. Box 1407
Albany, OR 97321-0548
* kingv@ccmail.orst.edu
Nancy Lebovitz				Saying Buttons
PO Box 1098
Newark, DE 19715-1908
* NancyL@universe.digex.net
Ailsa McLaughlin			Television Times
* Iremi@aol.com
Mary Ann McKinnon			Good Guys Wear Fangs
254 Blunk Ave.
Plymouth, MI 48170
* MaryAnnMc@aol.com
Laura Peck				Picture Buttons
* laurapeck@aol.com
Bea Quindlen				Knight Shift
1243 E. Durham Street
Philadelphia, PA 19150
* ocaoin@aol.com
Tara O'Shea				Forever
c/o Illuminated Manuscripts
611 Lead Avenue SW, Apartment 911
Albuquerque, NM 87102
* tara@hydra.unm.edu
Jamie Melody Randell			Spyder's Web
138-23 76th Ave.
Flushing, NY 11367-2819
* immajer@pipeline.com or 102776.3320@compuserve.com
Darlene Rutherford			Rubies Red as Blood...
1945 W. Dunlap Ave., Ste 9-261
Phoenix, AZ 85021

Laurie Salopek				Untitled
FK Story/Illustration
321 Toftrees Ave #330
State College, PA 16803
* lupino@aol.com
Kari Tieger				Janette Songs
82 President Avenue
Riverside, Rhode Island 02915

Liz A. Vogel				Knight in My Veins
Snark Press
2001 Northampton Way
Lansing, MI 48912-3527

Ann Wortham				To Die For
Ashton Press
1402 Allison Ave.
Altamonte Springs, FL 32701
* ashton7@aol.com

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