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Sime~Gen Universe

The Sime~Gen universe, created by Jacqueline Lichtenberg, appears in a series of stories by her and/or Jean Lorrah, as well as in fan fiction.
        In the future, the human race has split into two forms.   There are the Simes, who do not consume food as we do, but live on selyn, which they draw into their bodies through retractable tentacles on their forearms; and there are the Gens, who produce the selyn, but are in grave danger of being killed if a Sime feeds off them.   Only the channels, a mutant form of Sime, are capable of safely withdrawing selyn from donor Gens each month, and channeling it to normal Simes so they can live without killing.
        Although there are obvious differences, the Sime/Gen concept is conceptually an SF version of vampirism.
This is the official Sime~Gen site.   Among other things, it contains webpages on the history of the fandom, webscribed copies of old print fanzines, links to discussion lists, and authorized fan fiction.   The quality of the latter is variable; but a few stories have been accepted into canon by Lichtenberg.

The Secret Pens
The unofficial Sime~Gen site, with more fan fiction.   Some of it is distinctly alternative universe, but much is close to canon; and a lot is of very high quality.

Mary Renault's The Charioteer

Mary Renault is perhaps best known for her historical fiction set in ancient Greece.   However, she also wrote modern novels, most particularly The Charioteer (Longmans, 1953).
        In the fall of 1940, Laurie Odell is a patient in a military hospital near Bridstow, recovering from injuries sustained in the fighting in France.   Here he meets Andrew Raynes, a Quaker and conscientious objector assigned to work as an orderly at the hospital.   However, Laurie's love for Andrew—perforce platonic—is tested when he becomes reacquainted with a man whom he had hero-worshipped at school. Ralph Lanyon is now a naval officer, reassigned ashore after being injured in the evacuation of the army from Dunkirk.   Unlike the idealistic Andrew, Ralph is very much aware of the nature of his own desires and part of the gay subculture in town.   Laurie is forced to confront his own nature in order to make an ethical choice between the two men he loves.

Mary's Handmaidens
carving of winged chariot horses A fan site for all of Mary Renault's books, both those with historical and those with modern settings.   The site is for discussion of the books, fan art, and fan fiction.   In particular, archives hold over sixty fan stories based on The Charioteer, and two chapter-by-chapter discussions of The Chariot­eer, the second of which compares the texts of the British and American editions.


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