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The Enforcers are a group of vampires of unknown origin, and unknown number.  Their job is to ensure the continued ignorance of vampires by the mortal population.  The code is that no mortal shall learn of vampires existence and survive as a mortal.  He/She will either be turned into a vampire him/herself or killed.

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Common characteristics of the Enforcers are: really long fangs, no words, only growls (although in our fan fiction we have given them a voice.  ( They have to be ABLE to talk, don't they?), so far as we know they may be a distinct species different from the other vampires. 
So far as we know, they have only actually been in one episode, Unreality TV, (Episode 117 in the First Season).  They are alluded to in other episodes though, mostly in the first season and fan fiction.

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I like to think of them as the Men In Black of the vampire world.

"Let me tell you this in closin'.
I know we might seem imposin',
But trust me if we ever show in your section.
Believe me it's for your own protection."

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since 1 Jun 99

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