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Hi there
and welcome to my fanfic page!

Completely revamped - March 11, 1999!

Hey it's free, and vanity being what it is, I decided I'd join the throng and put up a page that's just a collection of all my stuff. So, while you all wait anxiously for me to become a Real Published Novelist (You *are* all holding your breath, aren't you???), you can play around with what I've already done.

So settle back, pick a button, and check out a fandom or two...

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You are one of people to get sucked into this exercise in hubris so far...

Comments, complaints, flames, blessings, revelations from the heavens, stakes, dead otters, chocolate, favors, and the like may be sent to Cat.Goddess@pobox.com.

Copyright Stuff--
It's all mine! Mine mine mineminemineminemine!!!... Well, except all the parts that aren't. This fanfic was produced without intent to infringe copyrights, make money of any kind, or p*ss off any of TPTB. No archiving it elsewhere without prior permission, s'il vous plait. Pass it around all you like, so long as you keep my name and email on it, and give any and all money you make off it back to me ;-) ...uh... so I can deliver it to Sony Tri-Star, Paramount, Alliance, Warner Bros., Mutant Enemy, WB, ABC, etc., etc., ad nauseum, mea culpa, and e pluribus unum.... Really!

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