What's that? You think this seems a little too elegant, too flashy
and glamorous for our favorite 500-yr old Slacker?
Teri's Room
Tab's Room
Felicia's Room
NightAngel's Room
Felicia's Room patiently awaits her return to DenialLand
Chateau deVersailles
Well.....it *IS* a Castle, after all.....
And Vachon doesn't live here....
He just comes to visit his Vaqueras that do.
So we Castle Vaqs have dedicated this wing to him
and we've tried to fill it with things that will help
make him feel right at home; black leather
and Triumphs, guitars and candles....

But try as we might. we can
not seem to get it
through the cleaning staff's heads to
leave a few cobwebs behind.
They insist on keeping it spotless. <sigh>
To the
Vaqueras' Reading Room
To the only remaining corner of the main Castle still left standing....
To the  Fanatics' Castle
Main Library
More doors and hallways and dark corners to explore
with screen cap archives, sound bytes and more
coming soon!