My Biography

Well, finally, to write my bio after so many months, so let me introduce my self:

My name's Miranda Harper, and I live in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. I'm 14 years old, am a very big of Forever Knight and love Canadian television.


I've finished Elementary school at both James McKinney Elementary and John T. Errington in Vancouver. I'm currently attending Steveston Secondary School in the Spectrum enrichment program. To find out more about the Spectrum program, click here:

Favourite Television

My fave shows are the following, ordered from greatest to least:

Where I am

Presently, I'm in Vancouver British Columbia in Canada. I live in Richmond (which is one of the southern areas of Vancouver) and I go to school there.


My favourite tv show would have to be Forever Knight, a show about war, hope, love and hate and vampires set in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. My favourite actor is Canadian actor Nigel Bennett and my favourite character is Lucien LaCroix from Forever Knight. Lucien LaCroix is the head master vampire. My favourite actress would have to be Canadian Kathryn Long who played LaCroix's daughter, Divia on Forever Knight. She is also well known as Carly Beth in Goosebumps.

Forever Knight Fandom

The fandom which I belong to is Forever Knight fandom. I'm with the Cousins faction, GSS, NA, DPs, RPs, Dods:(Order of the Midnight Rose) and I have Knightie tendencies, I must admit. I'm on the Forkni-l, fkfic-l and fk mail loop. Generally, I'm known as Cousin Miranda.

Ways to contact me

Well, so the ways to contact me? I have a lot!

ICQ: 9718832
AOL Messenger: LuvFK4ever
Cybercity: Divia
Microsoft's Gaming Zone: FKTeen
MPlayer: LClover4ever

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