Det. Tracy Vetter

Tracy Vetter

a good cop

Please be patient while I try and reconstruct these pages.

Here are the basic links. I'll try and spruce this page up more as time goes by.

  • Tracy's Photo Album
  • Tracy's Adventures
  • Tracy's Nick jokes
  • Lisa Ryder's bio
  • Cousin Mary's Dark Perk page - Yep, that Cousin Mary! None other than the founder of the infamous Dark Perks, a bunch of caffeine-crazed commandos. Seriously, though, this page is something to behold. Not just style, but plenty of substance. Worth the visit if for nothing else than Mary's very own FK cartoons. Especially noteworthy are the 'toons of alternative endings to Last Knight, and the Nightcrawler's prank callers. C'est tres drole!
  • About Last Knight - fanfic written by my friend, Cousin Ren. No one died. No one ever dies.
  • A Blues Knight - not Tracy fanfic, but fanfic written by the Dark CERK Perk, Laura.

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