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These are Quotes to Die For

*Father's Day* - Season #2

LC : "A father provides love, discipline, guidance, protection, and support' -- That's not bad."
Nick: "He left out freedom."
LC : "So would I."

Freedom Wav - 53k

*Killer Instinct* - Season #2

LC : "I'm taking you back, Nicholas. I'm giving you a second chance."
Nick : "The only second chance I want is the one I've given myself."
LC : "What you'll get is what I give you. I MADE you!"
Nick : "What you made was a mistake!"

Second Chance Wav - 58k
I made You Wav - 35k

*The Fix* - Season #2

LC : "You're wrong Nicholas. We are each other. You will always be mine... Eternally."

Each Other Wav - 86k

Nick : "You're a sick man LaCroix."
LC : "Physician heal thyself".

Sick Man Wav - 40k

LC : "It's a pity music is one of the only things mortals excel at. Why do you think that is Nicholas? Is it because they have a soul?"
Nick : "And you do not?"
LC : "We do not".

Music Wav - 98.4k

*Unreality TV* - Season #1

Nick : "You follow carnage like a vulture."
LC : "I don't care for the conflict. It's very noisy, don't you agree? But I love the free food".

Free Food Wav 65K

*Cherry Blossoms* - Season #1

Nick : "Don't you understand? Our friendship is over.
LC : "No. It's forever, and anyway it's not your choice".

Friend Wav - 87.4k

*Trophy Girl* - Season #3

LC : "Just remember that he who dies with the most prizes, still dies."

*The Code* - Season #2

LC : "A friend for life is like a leech. A friend will bleed you to death...."

LC : "Hell...what a fortunate word to choose. Who's the bounty now, and who's the hunted?"

*The Code* - Season #2

LC : "Poor Nicolas, I will always be able to find you...that is OUR code."

*Amatuer Night* - Season #2

Nick : "What are you doing here?"
LC : "Oh, the usual, making your life a living hell."

*Dark Knight* - Season #1

LC : "I taught Nero the tune, and together we watched Rome burn."

Nick : "You are deranged."
LC : "Yes, I know."

Deranged Wav 48k

*Bad Blood* - Season #2

Nick : "So thats whats bothering you then. You finally met somebody who's as depraved as you are."

Depraved Wav 48k

*Can't Run, Can't Hide* - Season #2

Nick : "I have to go."
LC : "Don't say I never gave you anything."

Gave you Any Wav 48k

*Fate Worse Than Death* - Season #2

LC : "You've heard it said that living well is the best revenge... Au contraire, living forever is the best revenge."

Revenge Wav - 115k

*Love You to Death* - Season #1

Nick : I hate you!
LC : "Good... Hate is a step in the right direction!"

Hate Wav - 58k

*Unreality TV* - Season #1

LC : "You never could hide your thoughts from me Nicholas. I'm afraid I was a poor teacher in that area.. or maybe... yes, we skipped those lessons. Didn't we?"

Hide Wav - 94k

*Love You to Death* - Season #1

LC : "Purity is an illusion! What's the lure?"
Nick : "Something perhaps that I regret leaving behind me. It's a feeling - my humanity..."

Humanity Wav - 120k

*Father's Day* - Season #2

LC : "Why are you doing this to me?"
Nick : "I've done nothing to you LeCroix! You did this. Perhaps there is no cure, but that won't stop me from leaving you! Kill me if you wish. Either way, I will leave you."

Leave You Wav - 154k

*Dark Knight* - Season #1

Nick : Go to hell!"
LC : "Not before you do."

Go to Hell Wav - 46.5k

*Father's Day* - Season #2

LC : "You will stop this pathetic search for a cure!"

Cure Wav - 37.9k

*Can't Run, Can't Hide* - Season #2

LC : "Complain, complain...That's all you ever do."

Complain Wav - 54.4k

Nick : Damn You! Burn in hell!".
LC : "I already have been."

Burn in Hell Wav - 40.8k

Nick : "Can't you leave me alone?."

Can't You Wav - 11.8k

*Can't Run, Can't Hide* - Season #2

LC : "You used to be so much more fun, Nicholas!."

*Baby, Baby* - Season #2

Nick : "LeCroix, I need your help."
LC : "Yes, and its becoming a bad habit."

*Last Knight* - Season #3

Nick : "No... not the devil LaCroix."
LC : "What then?."
Nick : "You are my closest friend."

My Closest Friend Wav - 93k

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