Number 11, Vol 1, 1 Mar 1999
This Month's LHD Winner - Mr. Happy's Forever Knight Site - "He was brought across in 1228. Preyed on humans for their blood. Now, he wants to be mortal again ...." begins the page. For you Forever Knight Fans out there, this is the page to go to. Frédéric has a large number of FK subjects on his page, including the timeline, soundtrack, an episode guide, actor biographies, events, games and a Question of the Week. Why not pay him a visit -- he's done an outstanding job putting the site together.
From the desk of the editors -

Be Active - Get Involved

   This month officially marks FortuneCity's 2nd anniversary. FortuneCity started offering homes for residents in May of 97...there were only a few districts then. I moved into Roswell about June.
   In those days there were no counters, guestbooks, FTP, message boards and the entire FC operation was run by Tim, Whiz, Anna, Andy, Richard and Dan in London. They did it for almost a year and a half without salaries most months...why? They had this crazy idea to create an online community that was different...different in the sense not of technology but because people cared. The volunteer minister program started in July of that year, that's when I became "Floating Minister."
   I've watched FC grow, struggle, fall down, brush itself off and go for it again and again. I've met the 6 people who started this venture, they really are idealistic people...they didn't have great business skills though *g* so now they have hired people like a CEO, finance officer, advertising personnel and the like to manage those areas. Yet each new hire is not just hired for their skill, each also has to catch the vision of FC and translate that into their work. With more and more companies in the world, truly holding ideals for a better tomorrow, we as individuals truly are being given the tools and opportunity to make a difference.
   So enjoy your cyberhome in FortuneCity, become involved and make the dream of a caring, sharing world a reality in cyberspace today!
  --Kythera Ann--

Meet Your New LH Minister
   A very warm welcome to Alberto Abbate, the most recent addition to LH. Alberto hails from Argentina, but is currently working and living in London, England.
   Alberto graduated as a Visual Communications Designer from "Facultad de Bellas Artes", National University of La Plata - Buenos Aires - Argentina in 1990 and has since set up and operated graphic mass communication ventures to include a pre-press production company, a design company, Art Director for Top Kids - a gaming magazine, , weekly teenage magazine, Big Channel, monthly cable channel magazine, and TV Teddy, monthly cable channel magazine.
   More recently, Alberto founded BacoWeb and has been developing sites based on it.
   Now, he has been commissioned by FortuneCity to develop the Spanish language version of our cyber-city. Asked of himself, Alberto replied:

"I am a graduated Graphic Designer with 8 years of experience managing small teams of designers and working for international organizations. And I already have more than 100 web sites developed.

I have my own Web Design Company running in Buenos Aires and London (www.bacoweb.com) and since last december [sic], I am working in the London office of FortuneCity to develop FortuneCity.es the spanish [sic] version of FortuneCity.com."

   Unfortunately, his stay here in Lavender Hill is to be all too short. Alberto is working with George as a minister in order to 'get a feel' for the kind of community and services each district provides. These things he will translate into the Spanish FortuneCity.com.
   While he is here, though, Alberto will be looking at the sites submitted for the LH District awards program.    Want a professional's opinion of your site? Want some creative suggestions? Ask Alberto. You can find his email on the main district page. Give him a jingle. He'd love to hear from you.

Now Showing

   If you've been living in a cave the last several months, you may not have heard of the most recent 'calamity' movie, Armageddon.
   ArmageddonThe meteor which killed the dinosaurs and brought on the Ice Age was supposed to be 6 miles across. The one that's coming now is the size of Texas and it's an Earth-killer.
   Harry Stanton (Bruce Willis) and his team of rough-neck oil rig drillers are the only hope of the planet since the on-coming rock cannot be destroyed from without -- it must be split with a nuclear device from 800 feet below the surface. Harry is the best there is at drilling and is 'drafted' by the United States Government and NASA to drill the hole for the bomb.
   ArmageddonImaginative and chock-full of high tech special effects, the drilling team and it's military crew run into one problem after another while trying to meet the deadline for the shaft. If ever 'Murphy' was around, he was around all during this particular mission.
   Okay, so the movie is not real original. Time after time you've seen the disaster movies and they're much the same. And, of course, you know Earth is going to be saved in the end. However, this is pure entertainment and well worth the price of a rental or purchase. Take a look. I think you'll enjoy the flick.
LH NewsLetter Editor, TomLetters to the editor
   Got something to say? Want to vent? Want to be heard? This forum is your chance. Mail 'Letters to the Editor' to: T.J. Luken. The best of the letters received will be printed along with a short response from T.J.

OCS writes:
   I've been having trouble signing up for a home in Lavender Hill. Can you tell me the procedure?

   Uhhh --- you probably want to contact an individual minister about that. Also you should read the FortuneCity FAQs page. Much information is listed there since it is frequently asked for.


LI writes:
   Hey dude. This thingie is really cool. Any prob if I link to it from my site? How about a return link? Thanks.

   No problem at all with your linking to the City Highlighter from your page. We appreciate it. Unfortunately we cannot return the favor as this is designed to be solely a newsletter and not a list of links to homes. Why not submit for recognition in the district awards program and possibly be listed as a recommended site?


What's News around the District & City

Just a Reminder
   When you have a fcmail.com problem, please direct inquiries to: websupport@commtouch.com.
   FortuneCity buys this service so they don't have their techs operating it.

~extracted from This & That, 22 Feb 99~

Hostess/Host hits FC
   There is a new group of volunteers in FC called Hostess/Host. They are autonomous from ministers and mainly will be helping people get guestbooks and hit counters. Residents with questions or who need help with counters or guestbooks feel free to forward to: open24hrs@rtcol.com

New Language Boards at FC
   If you haven't seen the FortuneCity main page (also referred to as Grand Central Station or GCS for short) you may not know about several new message boards which are now becoming available over the server.
   German, Spanish, Swedish and Italian boards have recently been activated. Soon to come is a French board. This gives our non-English speaking friends a chance to communicate with others in their native tongue over the server at FortuneCity. If you speak one of those languages, why not drop in and say 'hello'?

This week's cartoon by Grumpa

District Street Display Changes
   For those of you who've been around a little while, you probably remember the virtual 'streets' in each district.
   You got to each one by clicking on the street name on the District Main Headquarters page. This took you to a row of 'homes' which listed the owner underneath. In Lavender Hill, each street generally has 600 'homes' on it (0 - 599).
   What with all the stagnant pages and vacant homes, this could be tedious to go through. So a new model has been introduced. Now if you go to the street listing and click on a particular avenue, what comes up is a reduced listing of the homes. Only those which have been modified over the past 60 days (including those just moved in to) show up.
   This is designed to assist in keeping up to speed on changes made in your favorite addresses and also aids the NG Corps in determining whether or not a particular site is active.
   Rest assured that even though all the homes may not be visible in the new street display, they are still there and accessable.
   Problems are being encountered with moving into a specific address with this new system in action, however, they are being addressed and should be resolved before too long.

FC 'Limited' Contest
   FortuneCity will soon be mailing all the people that lost files during the recent hardware failure (earlier in Feb 99) informing them of a competition they can enter.
   This competition is ONLY open to those people that lost their files and not the community as a whole - this is to give the people that were affected a good chance of winning something. FortuneCity Admin knows who is eligible as they have a list of the URLs of everyone affected.
   The rest of us should not be put off by this. The competition is a show of thanks to those people that have stayed loyal to FC in spite of the problems they experienced (their entire site lost and FC not being able to recover it).
   FortuneCity will be holding many more competitions in the future which will be open to all residents.

Where The Action Is -- by Andrea
Beavis and Butthead Sounds
   Goodness me. I did not realize how hard a job I was getting myself into here with reviewing websites. UGH! No one wants to cut me any slack or help me by sending me suggestions on sites...... oh me............. oh my!. I searched 100 pages today... and found 2. So I choose ONE... And this reveiw will be small.

   Beavis and Butthead................. yes. they are still here. I loved those cartoon critters.
   When you go to this page you will get a disclaimer from the page host telling you that Beavis and Butthead are not real, blah blah blah. Honestly. I never mimiced a cartoon........ BUT........ These boys are bad .
   On my server I was unable to see any images but I know they are there. I checked the source,the images are in Geocities. UMMMMMMMM!!!!!!! kidding. Anyway, if you want to download Beavis and Butt head calling you an A** munch when you do something wrong in your system you will find it here. You can even hear the wacking off in the tool shed... * in a Beavis voice* hmm hmm That is cool. Yeah!.......
   Check out this site if you like the guys. I personally am a King Of the Hill fan. Hank looks so cute and did you notice how he sounds like Mr. Anderson???????????? Anyway, I changed my rating system to something that is more me. An animation critter.


  A guestbook.
  Images that all can see.
  The Lavender Hill webring
  Links to other B 'n B pages?

   This page is Definatly the Computer geek..


Cool Sites to visit in the Hill District
(Links to these are provided on the Lavender Hill Headquarters page)
  • Titanic: ~ Corsets & Cufflinks ~
  • Joshua Jackson Info Center
  • Patrik Nilsson's Homesite
  • Stockholm Film Review
  • Vengence Unlimited
  • As Time Goes By
  • Shampoo's Page

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