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This page is new and improved!! I actually got around to fixing it for the first time in about a year. Which means it no longer sucks quite as much as it used to.

School-Related Thingies:

I am currently a senior at Caltech, where I am a member of Blacker Hovse and a physics major.

My School Friends

My Real Life:

My real life (or what I spend all my time with when I'm not studying) is centered on some tv shows that I'm pretty obsessed about. The main ones are Highlander and Forever Knight. Forever Knight was cancelled in 1996 (wail!) and you can see reruns on the Sci-Fi Channel. But seeing how I don't have cable, my main connection to the show is basically chatting with the friends that I've made while in the fandom. Here are a few who have pages:

My Writings

In my free time, when I'm not doing homework or talking about tv shows, (meaning over vacation) I'm writing about them! It's entertaining for all, and a stress relief for me, so everybody wins. I submit all my stuff to the Highlander and Forever Knight mailing lists (HLFIC-L@LISTS.PSU.EDU and FKFIC-L@LISTS.PSU.EDU, respectively), which both have archives ( Forever Knight Highlander), of varying speed and accuracy... but hey, they're both huge, and have enough cool stories on them to last anyone three lifetimes.

But if you just want to read my stories (gee! (beam)), here's a semi-current list (and, God forbid, it's actually linked to a real page, that works and everything! (sniff!) Ain't it just booful?) Forever Knight

FK Fiction Wars

Highlander/Forever Knight
aka Methos and Natalie

aka Methos (can you see a pattern here?)

Also, for your viewing pleasure...

Stupid Things I And My Friends Have Said That Dianne Had The Gall To Write Down ...not to be confused with Stupid Things I And My Friends Have Said That Perri Had The Gall To Write Down. Why do they write these things down? Or more importantly, why do I say such stupid things, thus giving them the opportunity to write them down? I don't ask anymore, and neither should you. Some things mortal man was just not meant to know.

Things I still have left to do: Put in a section of Methos-worship. There are a heck of a lot of pages devoted to just this subject... be afraid, for we are legion. :) Gotta put in cute little useless graphics that just make a page homey. And a picture of me. And I gotta figure which Methos pictures I want to keep, and which to dump... Gotta link to the Pack. Gotta link to my bro. What, you're still here? Shoo, shoo! Mental list-making is not for impressionable young minds. Go read a book or something. :)

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