Forever Knight Episode Guide

ep#episode titleair-datesynopsis
101 Dark Knight 5/5/1992 a mayan jade cup with "healing powers" is stolen from a museum, and a guard killed// could a vamp have done it?//part 1
102 Dark Knight-the second chapter 5/6/1992 part 2// lacroix stole the cup so nick couldn't get it//he didn't kill the other people, tho, so who dunnit?// nick and lacroix fight to the un-death
103 For I Have Sinned 5/12/1992 church members with secret sins are targeted by a "christian" killer who offs them in spectacular "fitting" ways// a priest refuses to break the confessional bond for the police
104 Last Act 5/19/1992 an old actress (vamp) friend of nick's goes out into the sun to die/ he remembers her fondly and tries not to join her
105 Dance by the Light of the Moon 5/26/1992 A friend of Stonetree's is a killer/victim in a double murder. A beautiful young woman is getting men to commit crimes for her. Nick is caught in her spell, or is he?
106 Dying to Know You 6/9/1992 A psychic is enlisted to help find a philanthropist's wife and daughter. She senses Nick's dark side, but thinks she is going crazy. To save her sanity, Nick confesses his true nature.
107 False Witness 8/4/1992 Nick lies about having seen a crime. He becomes the precinct's hero and the prosecution's star witness. What's more important, telling the truth or nailing a criminal?
108 Cherry Blossoms 8/11/1992 when people are killed outside a tatoo parlor in chinatown, nick interviews an old man who remembers nick from another time and place and wants revenge for his mother's murder by vamps
109 I Will Repay 9/15/1992 Natalie's brother walks into a hostage situation at the precinct and is gravely wounded. Nick is coerced into "bringing him across". The results are disastrous for all concerned.
110 Dead Air 9/22/1992 a man calls in to a talk-radio station, then proceeds to kill his date while talking to the woman host/ the police try to set up a sting
111 Hunters 9/29/1992 someone is stalking and killing dangerous men thru the streets of the city/ when nick intervenes the hunter sees him and decides to move up to vamp hunting!!
112 Dead Issue 10/6/1992 a police captain's wife kills an intruder--it looks like self-defense, but nick is suspicious// the captain orders him to drop the case
113 Father Figure 10/13/1992 a little girl steals some comix, runs and hides in an alley just in time to witness a murder// she is soon being chased by hired killers and is under nick's protection
114 Spin Doctor 10/27/1992 when a politician is murdered, his old flame, now a councilwoman is seen as a suspect// her loyal press secretary tries to help
115 Dying For Fame 11/10/1992 a rock star is accused of killing a fan ( in her bedroom) right after she made a video saying she wanted to kill ALL her fans/ nick feels sorry for her and tries to help
116 Only the Lonely 11/17/1992 a lonely hearts dating service's client list was sold by a tech to a serial killer, who strangles his victims--natalie is lonely, too, and meets a new guy---oh, oh….
117 Unreality T.V. 11/24/1992 a TV reporter and crew ride along with nick & schanke on calls--and catch nick--oops--flying!..the "enforcers" will not allow this knowledge to be held by mortals!
118 Feeding the Beast 12/1/1992 nick goes undercover to a 12 step program, whose members are being killed// he hopes it may actually help him
119 If Looks Could Kill/ To Die For 2/9/1993 longevity treatments?// 2 women go psycho// nick suspects vampirism plays a hand in strange goings-on
120 Fatal Mistake 2/16/1993 the captain shoots a robber..was he armed?// the survivor comes after him// a ghost (?) is after nick
121 1966 2/23/1993 nick helps a family escape from east berlin during the cold war.// hostages are taken in the squad room
122 Love You to Death 3/2/1993 a model is kidnapped// found dead months later, but only recently killed// the agency is investigated// one girl reminds nick of someone he used to know
201 Killer Instinct 9/17/1994 someone sets nick up to look like the suspect in a serial murder// he's put in custody// janette urges him to move on// is lacroix behind this???
202 Fate Worse Than Death, A 9/24/1994 a prostitute is killed at a fancy hotel// another girl seems targeted// is it a turf war over "girls for hire"?// janette feels protective for reasons of her own
203 Stranger Than Fiction 10/1/1994 a "vampire story" author, in town for P.R. reasons, is attacked// nick is very attracted--it's mutual// vamps want her to stop writing--she's too close to the truth// lacroix wants her dead
204 Forward into the Past 10/8/1994 an old friend of nick's is found dead// a vendetta is afoot to find and destroy an old enemy- a business woman who befriended nick in WWII
205 Hunted 10/15/1994 schanke gets death threats/ is put under protection/ attempts are made on his life/ could it be an inside job?
206 Faithful Followers 10/22/1994 nick goes undercover in a cult which promises redemption and new beginnings// nat worries--janette laughs--says nick is the wolf--they are poodles
207 Father's Day 10/29/1994 mobster puts hit out on his own grandson//nick helps the younger--lacroix the elder// can nick and lacroix ever reconcile?"??
208 Undue Process 11/5/1994 child-killer is saved from a mob of vigilantees by nick// one of his victims was natalie's niece// will he be safe in police custody?
209 Bad Blood 11/12/1994 vampire is actually jack the ripper// terrorizes toronto// vamp hunter shows up w/big interest about nick// guest: cedric smith
210 Can't Run, Can't Hide 11/19/1994 "The Cleanup Crew", a platoon of soldiers from the Vietnam War, are being systematically hunted down and killed. A well-respected youth leader seems to be involved.
211 Capital Offense 11/26/1994 an escaped convict due to die by execution is caught in toronto// she swears her innocence and asks nick for help
212 Amateur Night 1/21/1995 drive-by shooting of a 6 yr-old girl may be gang-related
213 Beyond the Law 1/28/1995 diplomatic immunity seems to be sheilding a murderer// higher-ups won't let nick and schanke go with their evidence when it leads to an ambassador
214 Fix, The 2/4/1995 natalie puts nick on a new drug to "cure" his "allergy to the sun"// it really seems to work// he walks down the street in broad daylight EATING FOOD in one scene// of course, there's a catch
215 Be My Valentine 2/11/1995 serial killer stalks his "valentines"// nick & nat in love?// lacroix thinks so!!..and remembers a vow of revenge
216 Fire Inside, The 2/18/1995 man is flamethrowing the homeless// nick goes undercover
217 Blood Money 2/25/1995 nick's hidden fortune is embezzled, and the banker killed// lacroix always told him blood money was a curse--kids don't listen
218 Partners of the Month 4/22/1995 apparent suicide of lawyer// schanke suspects the young wife
219 Queen of Harps 4/29/1995 nick steals harp from an estate of a murdered woman, because of it's past history// he becomes a suspect when the auctioneer is also murdered after his visit
220 More Permanent Hell, A 5/6/1995 an asteroid is heading to earth to kill it// did a scientist commit suicide over it??// or is it all lies?
221 Code, The 5/13/1995 Schanke's old friend visits, promising Schanke a new job in Scottsdale. Meanwhile Nick and Schanke are investigating a series of deaths seemingly linked to an over-the-counter drug.
222 Curiouser and Curiouser 5/20/1995 after a shooting at the raven, nick feels guilty about a bystander dying, and has a very weird dream!..funny episode/ everybody is someone else
223 Near Death 7/8/1995 flatliners in a toronto lab?// someone wants her research continued at any cost!// she convinces nick to try it// he might save his soul
224 Baby Baby 7/15/1995 serena asked nick to give her the gift of eternal life--he gave her vampirism--she wanted a baby!///oops!//now she's trying to mate with a mortal to regain her mortality
225 Close Call 7/29/1995 schanke decides to investigate his "weird" partner after a shootout
226 Crazy Love 7/29/1995 an escaped homicidal maniac is killing ex-patients, or is he???
301 Black Buddha 9/16/1995 part 1// bomber terrorizes toronto/ schanke and the captain are on a plane he hits// one of the corpses arises from the wreckage// tracey and vachon are introduced in this episode
302 Black Buddha (part 2) 9/23/1995 nick tracks the bomber "voodoo" who killed schanke & the captain// tracy and vachon help// vachon has some history chasing him--the inca
303 Outside the Lines 9/30/1995 an undercover cop is close to a murder investigation// may be involved// or is he just working the case , vigorously??// nick isn't sure
304 Blackwing 10/7/1995 an indian tribal elder is killed// his granddaughter saw it in a "dream" or "spirit plain"// nick meets her & she tries to take away his darkness// but takes it into herself---OOOPSSS
305 Blind Faith 10/14/1995 maybe my fav episode// perry, a seeing-eye dog, is crossed over by a feral caroush (low form of vamp)// he saves a woman from a would-be rapist, but may be destroyed as "dangerous"---and how!
306 My Boyfriend is a Vampire 10/21/1995 tabloid-trash-talk-show has guests getting murdered// nick & tracy investigate// one guest said her boyfriend was a vamp???// could it be true?
307 Hearts of Darkness 10/28/1995 after a murder, a young woman (a stripper) is the main suspect--could she have a split personality?? Could she be a vamp?? no--she is a day person
308 Trophy Girl 11/4/1995 escort-service girls are being killed. tracy goes undercover
309 Let No Man Tear Asunder 11/11/1995 woman is found with her heart cut out//serial killer is dismembering his victims, after keeping them prisoner
310 Night in Question 11/18/1995 while meeting an informant with tracey, nick is shot in the head// he would have died, but for nat getting him blood quickly// when he comes to, he has amnesia, even about his true nature// good ep
311 Sons of Belial 11/25/1995 while witnessing an exorcism, nick is seized by the escaping demon// he begins to lose control and asks lacroix for help
312 Strings 1/13/1996 a folk singer is under the spell of her psychiatrist// nick recalls rasputin's day, and his evil influence over the russian royal family
313 Fever 1/20/1996 an AIDS "cure" is stolen from a lab// toronto's vamps fall victim to a disease//vachon is possibly terminally ill-- tracy attends him.
314 Dead of Night 1/27/1996 a man dies in a "haunted house"//after nat, tracey, and nick have been in the house to investigate his death, they begin to see ghosts too
315 Games Vampires Play, The 2/3/1996 A video game programmer is killed. Nick thinks that the killer is leaving him clues while he is playing the VR game. It feels like he's REALLY vamping while playing, and it's disturbingly enjoyable.
316 Human Factor 2/10/1996 A fire investigator from Montreal is murdered and the composite looks familiar to Nick. Janette comes to Nick's loft to ask him to help her then gives him some disturbing news- she killed her old lover.
317 Avenging Angel 2/17/1996 a woman is stabbed many times in a battered women's shelter// her daughter says it was the estranged father, but the police aren't so sure// the center's director believes her, tho
318 Fallen Idol 2/24/1996 a wrestler is accused of murder/ only witness is his retarded nephew, who only recognized the wrestler's persona (costume). Francesca gives him a drop of nick's blood to help him be a better witness
319 Jane Doe 4/27/1996 a black woman is found, hung, shot, and left nameless by a serial murderer// a prominent author/criminal(?) is the lieutenant's first and only suspect in the case..( guest-ron white)
320 Francesca 5/4/1996 prominent strangers are found dead, drained of blood..a poet, a musician..a conneusseur of vampire persuasion may be lurking--nick used to know one such , but she's dead.
321 Ashes to Ashes 5/11/1996 lacroix's long-lost "daughter" has escaped from her long vigil in a tomb to wreak vengeance on him and all his friends// she's really pissed (guest-kathryn long)
322 Last Knight 5/18/1996 show finale // quite shakespearean--everybody dies!!!

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