To get to your affiliation's page, surf over to The Dragon's Lair. As a Die-Hard, I have Cousin of the Knight - CotK - tendancies. Oh, I guess I should mention that I also get Ravenette and Dark Knightie tendancies, too. Darn, I knew that was why I was a Die-Hard - can't make up my mind! :) I am also associated with the PWFC. Gotta love that 5,000 year old immortal.

Here are some of CotK members' favorite quotes from our fave vamps, LaCroix (LC) and Nick (N)...

LaCroix:"'A father provides love, discipline, guidance, protection, and support' -- That's not bad."

Nick:"He left out freedom."

LaCroix:"So would I." -- Father Figure

LC:"I'm taking you back, Nicholas. I'm giving you a second chance."

N:"The only second chance I want is the one I've given myself."

LC:"What you'll get is what I decide. I MADE you!"

N:"What you made was a mistake!"

N:"You're deranged."

LC:"Yes, I know..."

N:"You're a sick man LaCroix."

LC:"Physician heal thyself."

N:"I'm asking for your help."

LC:"I know. And I'm enjoying it."


LC:"It's beginning to be a bad habit." -- Baby Baby

LaCroix:"Give in to what you are!!!"


Here is some LC quotes to Nick...

To a possesed Nick - "He is *MY* creation. He is *MY* son. I won't let you take him away from me."

-- Son of Belial

"I always pay my debts. I do hope this wave of altruism passes quickly."

"You really do like me. You just don't know that you do."

"You're wrong Nicholas. We are each other. You will always be mine... Eternally."

-- The Fix
Miscellaneous Quotes

Nick to Vachon: "Believe me. Eternity is a long time to be running."

-- Black Buddah II
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