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Tracy Vetter. It's an upbeat name for an upbeat kind o' gal. She was one of the finest homicide detectives at the Ninety-Sixth precinct of Toronto's Metro Police force, though often underrated. But, hey - Tracy had some pretty big shoes to fill when she became Detective Nicholas Knight's partner in the Third season of the television show Forever Knight. She certainly had very little in common with Nick's former partner, Donald Schanke. No one would ever find Detective Vetter munching on a souvlaki over her latest case at the morgue.

Tracy faced many challenges over that season, and the purpose of this webpage is to celebrate those events: The Good, The Bad, And The Perky. Each section contains a short essay about Tracy featuring images and sound files. You can also visit additional archives of images and sound files, and, coming soon, links to other webpages devoted to Tracy Vetter.

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