The Jeweled Peach
"I bought out the entire restaurant this evening
in your honor. I thought it would be an appropriate
way for us to get to know one another..."

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Famed for its excellent tiramisu and fabulous wine list, this five-star restaurant is also the official meeting place of Nunkies Anonymous.

The revered Nunkies Fantasy Manual mysteriously disappeared at this location during a recent support group gathering of the addicts. Frantic searching has yet to reveal any leads, not even the manual's Lucius in Repose bookmark.

"We're here to work through our addiction, not wallow in it!" Annie Raper - Founder, Nunkies Anonymous

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The restaurant and the man who brings us here. (Okay, we wish he brought us here. We're here because he doesn't bring us here. Does that make sense?)

Poetry and Prose About Lacroix by the Members of Nunkies Anonymous (Includes Fantasies Too Long for the Manual)

Lucien LaCroix, SCA Baron Amythest Dragon3K
All For Nunkies And Nunkies For AllRosemary Beard and Libby Singleton 2K
All For Nunkies And Nunkies For All, Part Two - The Return Of The Nunkies ClonesRosemary Beard and Libby Singleton 5K
All For Nunkies And Nunkies For All, Part Three - Oh, Rats!Rosemary Beard and Libby Singleton 8K
Voices From the Past Jill Bejarano 10K 8/31/98
Electrician NunkiesCasey Carpenter3K
Rocky Horror NunkiesCharl Sigmann2K
Kidnapped By That Other GuyDebbie Chilson 5K
Mango MagicDebbie Chilson 3K
Professor NunkiesDebbie Chilson 3K
Nunkies, The Museum CuratorKim Colley 2K
One Of The GangKim Colley 7K
On The JobKim Colley 5K
UPS, or Bonnie's Birthday BonanzaKim Colley And Heather Poinsett 76K
A Different Kind Of Fantasy Cousin Jules 2K
Before The Dawn Cousin Jules 105K
Journey Cousin Jules 82K
Terrible TwosCousin Jules157K7/18/98
Turning Back AgainCousin Jules4K8/28/98
Unforseen Occurrences Cousin Jules 71K
Yet Another Knight In Question Cousin Jules 58K
"I Want My Peach Cobbler!" Cousin Mariah 2K
Cappuccino FantasyCousin Mary5K4/5/98
Tax Time FantasyCousin Mary4K4/13/98
Hollywood Nunkies Cousin Mel 2K
There's A Nightcrawler In My Bathtub! Cousin Mel 3K
A Final Goodbye Cousin Mids 14K3/26/98
Nunkies On The Beach Cousin Mids 2K
Teacher's Pet Cousin Mids 5K
The Christmas Party Fantasy Cousin Robi 2K
Missing in Action: The First Adventures of Jake, Nunkies Avenger Cousin Robi 9K
Nunkies, The Historian, Part I Cousin Senara 2K
Nunkies, The Historian, Part II Cousin Senara 2K
Xover: ObeyanceCousin Sukh and Heather Poinsett6K11/22/98
Xover: Renegade AddictsCousin Sukh and Heather Poinsett10K11/22/98
A Hot Fantasy Cousin Tser 4K
Artem Amatoriam - A Latin Fantasy, Part I Cousin Tser 5K
The Most Dignified Addict Cousin Tser 4K
This Week, Action Verbs - A Latin Fantasy, Part II Cousin Tser 2K
To Banish Pain Cousin Tser 1K
A Dirty Fantasy Patt Elmore 3K
Better Than Chocolate Chips Patt Elmore 5K
Patt's First Fantasy Patt Elmore 5K
The Soap Box Race Car Patt Elmore 4K
Sweet Sixteen Fantasy Patt Elmore 5K
Soft Breezes Patt Elmore 4K
August Heat, Chapters 1-12 Patt Elmore and Bonnie Rutledge 245K
August Heat, Chapters 13-24 Patt Elmore and Bonnie Rutledge 317K
Miracle On Queen Street Patt Elmore and Bonnie Rutledge 600K2/25/98
An Ice Cream Fantasy Sharon Lee Frye 3K
Morning Fantasy Sharon Lee Frye 3K
In The House Of Stone And Light Kelly Green 2K
Splintered Wood Kelly Green 1K
Be Mine Laura Griffin 5K
Blues Knight Laura Griffin 6K3/26/98
Kicking The Habit Laura Griffin 3K
A Naughty Nunkies Fantasy Laura Griffin 3K
A Nunkies Fantasy Fantasy Laura Griffin 5K
Your First Nunkies Anonymous Meeting Laura Griffin 6K
Bee Mine Kusine Kaninchen 3K
Confession (Adult) Kusine Kaninchen 28K2/25/98
Darkened Beings Kusine Kaninchen123K2/25/98
Incarnate Kusine Kaninchen 77K
It's Raining Nunkies - A Stormy Fantasy Kusine Kaninchen 2K
A Morning Fantasy Kusine Kaninchen 2K
Revelation (Adult) Kusine Kaninchen 29K3/26/98
Applying for College, Nunkies-Style Monique Kraft 4K
Awakening Joni Latham 2K
A Birthday Fantasy Joni Latham 2K
Carpet Cleaning, Addict-Style Joni Latham 3K
An Initiate's Fantasy Joni Latham 8K
Fantasy for New NA MembersJoni Latham4K4/10/98
FILK: Carol of the Chimes 'Lady' Jayne Leitch 1K 8/2/98
Dirty Dancing Nunkies "Lady" Jayne Leitch 2K
Green-Eyed Monster 'Lady' Jayne Leitch 276K 8/31/98
Laundry Nunkies "Lady" Jayne Leitch 3K
The Screams Of Immortals "Lady" Jayne Leitch 9K
Thanksgiving Fantasy "Lady" Jayne Leitch 2K
Thank You, You're Berry Sweet "Lady" Jayne Leitch 2K
FILK: Sing a Song of Lucien Glennis Lyke 1K 8/2/98
The Buzz Is Out There: UFO Nunkies Susan Nix 4K
A Case of the Giggles Susan Nix 3K 2/25/98
Cleaning Day Susan Nix 2K
Inquiring Minds Want To Know Susan Nix 2K
Nunkies Bank & Trust Susan Nix 2K
The Peach's Pit Susan Nix 7K 12/05/98
Volkswagen Fantasy Susan Nix 1K 2/25/98
Birthday Surprise Sue O'Reilly 3K
Child's Play Sue O'Reilly 9K
Grocery Store Nunkies Michele Patterson 2K
Nunkies The Shoe Salesperson Michele Patterson 3K
Lucien Lacroix: Apartment Locator Heather Poinsett 3K
Fan-tasy Heather Poinsett 2K
Feel The Burn Heather Poinsett 3K
First Prize, or The MacIntosh, Part Deux Heather Poinsett 14K
An Irish Fantasy Heather Poinsett 4K
A Little Celebration Heather Poinsett 2K
The Nether Regions of the Soul! Heather Poinsett 124K
Lucien LaCroix - Personal Trainer Heather Poinsett 3K
Layers Annie Raper 2K
A Lesson In Manners Annie Raper 125K
A Lesson In Manners: An Interlude Annie Raper 13K
Letters From Home Annie Raper 34K
Nunkies Annie Raper 11K
Shadow About Your Heart Annie Raper 71K
Better Than Chocolate Bonnie Rutledge 119K
The Birthday Burnoose Bonnie Rutledge 5K
The Cross Examination Bonnie Rutledge 5K
How Nunkies Got His Groove Back Bonnie Rutledge 51K 8/31/98
The Judge Bonnie Rutledge 22K
The MacIntosh Bonnie Rutledge 3K
Missing Nunkies Bonnie Rutledge 10K
The Tax Table Scene Bonnie Rutledge 9K
There's Drool In My Beer Over You Bonnie Rutledge 2K
You Know Who's Fault Bonnie Rutledge 127K 11/17/98
FILK - The NA List Song Shele, NA Poet Laureate 1K
Have You Heard Of That Vamp Named LaCroix? Shele, NA Poet Laureate 1K
Heard At A Meeting Of NunkAnon Shele, NA Poet Laureate 1K
It's Nunkies, not Nunkie, or Nunk Shele, NA Poet Laureate 1K
Prehistoric Nunkies Shele, NA Poet Laureate 1K
Say Three Cheers For our Dear, Sweet Nunkies! Shele, NA Poet Laureate 1K
Another Secretary's Week Fantasy Libby Singleton 4K
Ashes In The Wind Libby Singleton 35K
Food Bowl Nunkies Libby Singleton 2K
Physical Therapist Libby Singleton 3K
A Secretary's Week Fantasy Libby Singleton 4K
This is NOT a Nunkies Fantasy. Libby Singleton 3K
The Plumber's Helper Beverly Turner 3K
War 8 Excerpts - Part OneVarious Authors300K
War 8 Excerpts - Part TwoVarious Authors345K
War 8 Excerpts - Part ThreeVarious Authors280K
Noctambulist Nancy Young 19K
Noctambulist II Nancy Young 24K
Noctambulist III: Halloween Issue Nancy Young 31K
Noctambulist IV: Holiday Issue Nancy Young 29K

(Adult) after a title indicates the story contains mature themes.

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